Warehouse-style factory direct management is an opportunity for the reform of the wooden door industry

The warehouse-type factory direct-operated specialty store is an “operator” with high integration of manufacturers, merchants, and media promotion to control the system. The venue of the store is a landlord+operator cooperation system. The price, sales promotion, logistics, and after-sales service of the sales terminal are often the main brands of the second-tier wooden doors, mid- to high-end products, and mid-range prices. This method is exactly what the current traditional booths are for.

90% of the bosses believe that the current difficulty in the wooden door industry is due to the non-standardization of the building door openings that can cause mass production failures. With the advancement of the standardization of wooden doors and the reform of real estate and construction systems, non-standardized Get improved or standardization to advance and be a “**” to the industry. Then, it is a big opportunity for manufacturers to engage in warehouse-style factory direct specialty stores.

Now, the value-added tax rate for wooden doors is 17%. If a product costs 1 yuan and sells 3 yuan, it will take 3 cents and 4 cents to the government. This burden is not small for some companies and there is no way to avoid it. Companies need a "shortening the cycle, reducing the link" sales model to deal with the current sales situation. Direct-type channels are one of the controllable solutions.

Some second-tier and third-tier cities that are in a dilemma will need to accept or accept some funds and operating models to cooperate with them in consideration of the benefits and risks. In this way, the landlord + operator cooperation soil will be produced. Moreover, the rising development of China's second- and third-tier cities is a trend where "where there are consumers, there are business models suitable for consumers." Wooden door warehouse type factory direct sales characteristic stores are new things, but there are prospects, but need to wait patiently or create this opportunity.

1.Quality pass Germany TUV testing. Tuv testing is third safety certificate company,.more authoritative.

2. This system welding machine use Surface Mount System to install electron component and the main PCB board is single .So this system could make the machine`s quality is very stable. Rise the quality consistency.   


3.The power tube of the switch use germany infineon only.The PCB board thickness size is 2.7mm. 

4.The insert component use Taiwan KSS.

5.The aluminum web wing is more bigger and weighter than normal.

6.Passed EMC certificate and get the EMC certificate. According to IEC 60974-1 standard.

7. Our machine`s input voltage is auto change between 85V-240V.So could work under any voltage. Like japan 110V or America 110V AC. Like European 220V-240V AC. Like Brazilian 110V/220V together AC.

8.CEL. Could weld Cellulose electrode easy.

9. Welcome any customer to make your design. We have advanced exploit troop.

10.PFC (Power Factor Correction is more than 98%. So according to energy conversation ,environmental protection and low-carbon.

11. VRD make no-load output voltage under 24±2V, But when arc strike twinkling could rise working output voltage.So this technique could have more physical protection.

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