Innovate to Drive Fertilizer Industry Upgrade

In order to solve the current problems in the fertilizer industry such as overcapacity, product homogenization, low fertilizer use efficiency, degraded arable land quality, and serious environmental pollution, fertilizer companies must seek technical innovation, variety innovation, brand innovation, and service innovation in fertilizer products. Way out, with innovation driving the upgrading of the fertilizer industry. This is the information that the reporter obtained from the first session of the China National Agricultural Resources Sub-forum at the Fourth (2012) Construction Innovation National Conference held in Beijing on January 7.

Gao Xiangzhao, Director of the Water Saving Department of the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, said that in the future, the focus of fertilizer development and plant nutrition research should not only focus on nutrient content, but also pay attention to nutrient form and scientific collocation. At the same time, the mutual transformation of different nutrient forms should be studied. Application of adjuvants to the effects of crop nutrient absorption, transformation, and fertilizer utilization. This puts forward new requirements for scientific research units and production companies.

Wu Xiyan, chairman of the China Phosphate Fertilizer Industry Association, said that through innovation, resource optimization and rational use of resources will be promoted to promote the development of recycling economy industry, extending the industrial chain and seizing the opportunities for the development of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers. This has become a breakthrough for nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer companies and a win-win situation. The only way to go.

Cui Xuejun, vice president of China Chemical News, stated that under the background that there is no controversy regarding the overcapacity of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers in China, grain must be increased, farmers must increase income, and production and distribution companies must survive and develop.

Representatives of Shi Kefeng, Jin Zhengda, Jiangsu Huachang, Luxi Chemicals, Hongri Arkang, Stanley, Jin Yimeng, and Win-Win Group, etc. attended the meeting on fertilizer product technology innovation, variety innovation, brand innovation and service innovation. Exchanged.

The forum was jointly organized by the Construction Innovation National Strategy Promotion Committee and the China Phosphatic Fertilizer Industry Association, and was organized by China Culture Culture Media Co., Ltd., with special support from Shi Ke Feng Chemical Co., Ltd., China Petroleum and Chemical Network TV, and Agricultural Resources Guide.

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