The Causes of Mechanical Leakage of Centrifugal Pump and Misunderstanding of Installation

Mechanical seal suddenly leaks during normal operation. Centrifugal pump in operation suddenly leaked a few due to normal wear and tear or have reached the service life, and most are due to larger changes in operating conditions or operation and maintenance caused by improper. 1, evacuated, cavitation or a longer time holding pressure, leading to seal damage; 2, the actual output of the pump is small, a large number of medium pump cycle, heat accumulation, causing gasification medium, leading to seal failure; 3, Large, resulting in suction side of the tube side of the container (tower, kettle, tank, pool) at the bottom of sediment thrown, damaged seal; 4, for a long time outage, restart without manual turning, friction due to adhesion and tear seal Surface; 5, medium corrosive, polymeric, colloidal substances increased; 6, rapid changes in ambient temperature; 7, frequent changes or adjustments in operating conditions; 8, Suddenly blackouts or downtime and so on. Centrifugal pump suddenly leaks in normal operation, if it can not be found in time, it will often lead to a larger accident or loss, which should be taken seriously and effective measures should be taken.

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