Improper handling of stress in paint can cause furniture deformation

Cabinets are an important part of bedroom furniture and they are also one of the largest items that make up bedroom furniture. Therefore, the quality of cabinets directly affects the sales of the entire product. According to incomplete statistics, consumers are most dissatisfied with cabinet warping. "Actually, in addition to the reasons for materials and design, the influence of unfavorable factors in the machining process is the main reason for the high cabinet door bending deformation," said a senior panel expert.

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Part deformation caused by stacking in production, some operators for the convenience of the diagram, the board randomly stacked, or piled up the board's uneven board, even more inclined to the board on the wall, resulting in the board into Before the next procedure, it was deformed due to its own weight. Deformation caused by the coating process In the coating process, due to the improper use of the process and raw materials, the panel is deformed due to the change of the internal stress of the coating. The effect of finishing putty When finishing the door parts, many manufacturers use putty putty or glue to adjust the putty, because these two putties contain a lot of moisture, plate furniture commonly used substrate - medium density Fiberboards and particleboards are particularly hygroscopic. Therefore, when one side of the door panel part is not coated with putty and the other side is coated with this water-rich putty, the door panel part will absorb moisture and deform.

Many manufacturers in the drying process have to put them on the drying rack to dry naturally after the panels are putty or paint. If the stems of the drying rack are too sparse or uneven, it will cause the door parts. Bending deformation was found during drying of the coating. The effect of internal stress on the paint coating will form a certain coating, even if there is no external force will produce an internal stress, if this internal stress is not handled properly, it will become the main reason for bending door parts one.

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