Specific methods for improving energy-saving performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows

【China Aluminum Network】 aluminum alloy doors and windows, refers to the use of aluminum alloy extruded profiles for the frame, concrete, fan materials, doors and windows made of aluminum alloy doors and windows, referred to as aluminum doors and windows. Including the use of aluminum alloy as a rod (to withstand and transfer the weight of the rod) substrate and wood, plastic composite doors and windows, referred to as aluminum-wood composite doors and windows, aluminum-plastic composite doors and windows.
Aluminum alloy doors and windows have the characteristics of good performance, light weight, beautiful appearance, good lighting, durability, easy recycling of profiles and high reuse rate, and no environmental pollution. However, the poor thermal insulation properties of the frame material affect the performance of aluminum doors and windows. Therefore, improving its thermal insulation and energy-saving performance is the key technical problem to be solved in the future of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and is also the development direction of the doors and windows enterprises.
To improve the structural design to improve the performance and grade of existing doors and windows, we must improve the structural design. In the past, only the low-level structure of labor saving, material saving, and low price was pursued, and the performance was improved mainly by sliding windows. Window-based transition, the realization of single-layer, double-layer, three-tier and small open large fixed and other diverse system design.
Pay attention to the selection of raw materials The general requirements of the 1 frame material should be good strength, good heat insulation performance, easy to make into a variety of shapes, but also easy to recycle and conducive to environmental protection. Aluminum alloy window frame material should improve its heat insulation performance and should be made into broken bridge or compound type.
2 Glass should promote the use of hollow glass, and in the north should promote the use of Low-E type hollow glass. In the south, solar-coated glass should be promoted in regions where solar radiant heat predominates. Foreign developed countries basically do not use single glass and white glass, because they are not conducive to energy saving and improving the living environment.
3Promote the use of double-channel seals and hollow glass made of polysulfide hollow glass glue. The insulating glass spacers should adopt continuous angle structure. If four-corner plug-in type is used, butyl rubber must be used for sealing at the joints. . Single-pass sealed hollow glass is not available. Insulating glass with secondary silicone sealant is also not advisable because their service life is relatively short.

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