Talking about the technology development and application of smart home

Talking about the technology development and application of smart home With the rapid development and improvement of computer technology, communication technology, network technology, control technology, and information technology, the modernization of family life and the safety of living environment have also changed people’s living habits and improved their quality of life. Smart homes also came into being in this situation.

The emergence of smart homes The concept of smart homes first appeared in the United States. The development of smart homes in the United States is also the most rapid. Following the United States, the smart homes in Europe, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore have also seen rapid development. In China, the concept of smart housing has been promoted relatively late, but its development is very fast. The country has established a number of residential and residential communities with certain intellectual functions. More and more consumers, especially those who have a certain cultural level and economic strength, have taken the degree of residential intelligence as an important reference for their own choice. The proportion of smart home systems that account for the cost of real estate development is not high, but it can obviously increase the attractiveness of real estate, add value, and become a powerful way to promote real estate.

The meaning of smart homes Smart homes are information-related communication devices, home appliances, and home security devices in the home. They are connected to a home intelligence system through home-bus technology for centralized or off-site surveillance, control, and family affairs. Sexual management, and to maintain harmony and coordination of these family facilities and residential environment.

Scope covered by the smart home system · Video intercom: Visitor video intercom, secondary confirmation, indoor anti-theft alarm: fire prevention, anti-theft, emergency call, gas leak detection; home, home, sleep security mode setting, Security Scene Setting · Elevator Control: Automatic Calling, Elevator In Place Control, Elevator Status Display, Light Control: Switch, Dimming, Curtain Control, Scene Control, Air Conditioning Control, Floor Heating Control, Background Music Control, Video Surveillance: Remote View Monitoring , Local View Public Area Surveillance Image · Property Management: Three-Table Copy, Meter Inquiry, Information Release, Em ail Notifications · Remote Monitoring: Supports Internet, WAP, Telephone, etc. Remote Monitoring and Control · Value-added Business Services: Catering, Entertainment, The integration of sports and other related community services The development status of smart homes As China's living model and culture are very different from those in developed countries, the development of smart homes in China also reflects its unique features. China has a large population, and urban housing construction also chooses intensive residential quarters. Therefore, many real estate developers will look at the intelligence of homes from the perspective of intelligence in the entire community, and the current “smart community” model will emerge.

In Europe and America, due to the prevalence of single-family villas, there is not a large concentration of houses scattered around towns. This has led to the prevalence of broadband access methods such as ADSL and Cable Modem in the United States, while domestically used outdoor LANs generally use LAN transmission, fiber-optic Ethernet to residential areas, buildings, indoor equipment control using TCP/IP, RS485 bus control, etc. . The smart homes in Europe and America are mostly independent installations and self-contained systems. For example, the X10 in the United States and the EIB in Europe (including Australia's C-BUS) are designed with independent families as their goals. In China, it is customary to consider smart homes as a subsystem of the smart community. This approach should be considered feasible at the initial introduction phase of the smart home concept. However, as the promotion and demand for smart homes continues, people begin to “ When tortured the true meaning and value of smart home, it was discovered that "humanization" and "individualization" are the meaning of smart home. Therefore, smart homes will stand apart from the current “one-on-one” unified model and become a space for individuality that can be completely matched by the owners themselves.

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