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How to buy doors and windows has been a major issue for many industries. How do you choose the right window for yourself? Xiao Bian provides you with classic and practical doors and windows shopping guides, hoping to help you.

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First: materials

The main materials for doors and windows generally include three aspects: aluminum profiles, glass, and hardware. When the owners purchase products, they often pay more attention to the thickness of aluminum profiles and glass, but the requirements for hardware are not very high. This is incomplete. . In fact, the country has certain standards for the requirements of color aluminum windows. The aluminum profiles used in high-quality aluminum windows are generally able to meet the national standards for their thickness, strength and oxide film. For example, the relevant national regulations require that the wall thickness of aluminum profiles of color aluminum windows should not be less than 1.2 mm, and the oxide film The thickness should reach 10 microns. Tempered glass is better than ordinary glass. If the security of doors and windows and durability can be considered, stainless steel hardware accessories (such as screws, hinges, **, etc.) are better than aluminum accessories, and the best choice of pulleys is POM material. Products, because such products have higher strength and wear resistance, smooth during use, not easy to damage. You know, the door and window damage is usually started from the door and window accessories!

Second: processing

With good materials, the next step is the processing of doors and windows. As the technical content of doors and windows is not high, the degree of mechanization is not high at present, and most of them rely on the manual operation of the installation workers, which requires operators to have a good sense of product quality. It is very important to enhance the proficiency and product awareness of operators in the production process. High-quality color aluminum windows, fine processing, smooth tangent line, the same angle (main frame material is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees), in the splicing process should not appear more obvious gaps, sealing performance, smooth switch. If the processing is unqualified, there will be sealing problems. Not only air leakage but also strong winds and large external forces will cause the glass to burst and fall off, causing the property owners to lose their property or even hurt them.

Third: Appearance

Owners choose doors and windows products, usually pay attention to the appearance of the product and the decorative pattern of the glass, but often despise the composite film on the surface of the door and window, this composite film is formed by artificial oxide film coloring, with corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high gloss Degree, but also has a certain degree of fire protection, so when you buy aluminum alloy doors and windows products to compare more similar products. The glass process varies from person to person, and different owners choose according to their preferences.

Fourth: Price

Since the price of doors and windows is directly related to the price of aluminum ingots, the prices of doors and windows in a certain period are relatively stable. In general, the price of high-quality doors and windows is 30% higher than that of inferior doors and windows. Inferior doors and windows usually use recycled aluminium extrusions containing large amounts of impurities. The aluminium profiles used have wall thicknesses of only 0.6-0.8 mm. Both the tensile strength and the yield are significantly lower than the relevant national regulations. It's not safe, so owners don't want to pay attention to the personal safety of themselves and others when they choose products.

Fifth: Performance

The performance of doors and windows is different depending on the scope of use, but usually consider the following aspects: Strength, which is mainly reflected in the choice of materials for the profiles of doors and windows, whether he can withstand high pressure; airtight, mainly reflected In the structure of doors and windows, whether the internal fan and frame structure of doors and windows are tight and whether the doors and windows are tight.

Sixth: credibility

When choosing, we must also pay attention to the reputation of the business and the quality of service. This is also very important! Here we can test in three ways:

First, try to choose a brand with a good reputation, China Timber Distribution Association wooden door professional committee held a wooden door industry conference in Beijing, the General Assembly through a rigorous survey and evaluation of selected China's top 30 wooden door member companies. These manufacturers are more standardized on the scale of product quality and service system.

Second, through the inspection of the relevant qualifications of the manufacturers to verify the relevant industry standards are complete and true.

Third, before installation, pay attention to the final check by checking the internal material of the door lock hole. We can not go to the manufacturers to see how to do, only to consider the high reputation and good brands can guarantee. We believe that one price and one stock is justified.

Also feel touch. As for the process and quality of the product, we are not likely to go to the factory to stare at how it is processed. We can only assess the quality of the product through simple visual inspection. Here we teach you two points: hand touch and side light look. Hand rub the door of the door frame, panel, corner, requires no scratch, soft and delicate, and then stand on the side of the door to meet the light to see if the door paint surface convex wave. Basically rely on these two to know whether the work is qualified.

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