Polished bricks dissolve into the bedroom

Generally, there is no problem with bricks. When people are sleeping, it is the most relaxing time. Therefore, choose quiet, clean and comfortable tiles in the bedroom, which is more suitable! Polished tiles are the protagonists. The high whiteness of the brick body, strong anti-fouling power, and anti-static property are applied to all kinds of elegant homes for decoration. The effect is ethereal, light and romantic, which makes people feel at ease.

Polishing and turning: This type of brick is pressed with clay and stone powder and then fired. The front and back surfaces have the same color and no glaze. After burned, the surface is polished and polished. Smooth and beautiful, the back is the true character of the brick.

Polish everyone knows? For example, the stone floor and the wall surface are polished and the province is not bright. However, after polishing, it looks very bright. Since it is polished, the problem will follow, because it is smooth, bright, so it is not resistant to dirt, after dragging with a mop, will leave a mark of water, because your mop is not 100% Clean, like a glass, so if you want to clean, it is more time-consuming; the second drawback is that polishing is smooth, so it does not slip, that is, once there is water on the ground, it is very Slippery, which is why everyone sees the stone in the building where the general staircases and other places are not thrown into light, but matt, only in this way can slip.

The third problem is that the color liquid is easy to infiltrate. The simplest test is to take a pen to write a few words on the surface of the brick. The poor polish turns and wipes off immediately after writing. It is not necessarily clean, and the handwriting may have penetrated. A good brand, because the press is good, the density is high, plus the high temperature of the firing, the density is very high, so it is not easy to infiltrate, but this is not absolute, no matter how good the polishing turn, if you write the word 10 After a few minutes of rubbing, there will be traces that will never be removed because the ink has penetrated into the brick.

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