Anti-high price decoration and save money

When prices are soaring nowadays, when decorating a house, you should know how to spend it on the edge. In other words, it is necessary to rationalize the use of money. The province does not spend much on one point. With the least investment, you can get bigger, better and more. Ideal effect . Decoration is not piled up, and “economic home improvement ” is not simple. It is not saving. It is to make full use of resources and space to reduce the number of people. It is not difficult to achieve an economical decoration that is both affordable and easy to use. As long as one knows how to start from the two aspects of decoration techniques and decoration materials, it can have a sense of beauty space and a value-added design effect. This case is a three-room HDB flat. The house is old and has a small area. When a decoration company was hired to design it, the owner stated that he had a limited budget and that everything could save the province. He hoped to spend less, but he had to live well. After fully understand the customer's requirements, the designer uses a nearly reinforced concrete "industrial" design (industrial look). It is reported that in the classical, modern , pastoral, baroque and many other design styles, rough "industrial style" is the most economical and affordable, but the effect is considerable. The following is recommended by the designer of the number of strokes to save money worthy of a fitting project . Solution one: cement floor set off personality and simplicity ◆Design presentation: Prime cement floor not only highlights the cool style of industrial wind, faint light after polishing, especially with a postmodern sense of fashion , put on two bright red lounge chairs, A little ingenuity will be able to turn "Jane" into "eye-catching." Refreshing comfort is the feeling of stepping on top, especially for Singapore in the equatorial climate. Its other advantage is that it is extremely easy to handle, not dirty, unlike the seams of tiled floors. ◆ Value highlights: Choose the right decorative materials, do not blindly pursue the grade, do not engage in the stacking of materials, can achieve the "money" effect. The cost of the cement floor is much lower than that of the floor tiles, combined with strong practical functions, wear and easy cleaning and maintenance , and can highlight the personalized decoration style, especially for young couples who are not well-off hand.

â—†Province $Large Competition: Each square foot of material on the tile floor plus artificial labor is about $6 for a total of $1980, cement floor is only $1300, saving about $680!

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