Stylish living room highlights the owner's personal style

At present, the fashion trends of various industries are constantly blowing, and home design changes are also increasing. As far as the living room is concerned, the past decoration styles are classified into classical, modern, simple, etc. Now, the designer is more prominent in the personal style of the home owner, and the stylish living room designs have their own characteristics, and strive to integrate the strengths of different decoration styles. Together, attention is paid to the details, creating a comfortable space that reflects the owner's personality.
The classical and modern decoration style of Scheme 1 is mainly beige, while the black gold cabinet, supplemented by black gold, breaks the single color of beige and adds a gorgeous color to the living room. The golden mural on the cabinet also echoes with it. The ceilings, sofas, and floor tiles all use straight lines to give people a clean and neat feeling. It is worth noting that the other place of the living room is the design of the stair railings. The wavy wooden armrests contrast with the straight lines, creating a sense of leaping.
Scheme four color master

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When you admire the fourth plan, you can't help but admire the designers' dedication to color matching. Purple has always been a love-hate color. Using it in large areas can create a sense of depression. When used in a small area, its unique personality can make people worry about color matching. This program provides us with a good example. A large area of ​​bright yellow, painted with a touch of golden color, embellished with a few deep purple, and a gorgeous and elegant living room was designed in this way.
Plan Five Lights

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The highlight of scheme 5 is the lighting design and lighting choice. The use of lights in home design is very flexible. With the creation of light and shadows, homes add a fascinating atmosphere. The corner of the restaurant is brightly lit with a lively atmosphere. The living room is dominated by spotlights, which make the living room environment look peaceful and elegant. Lighting is not only used for lighting, but also supporting the home. As the saying goes, safflower should also be supported by green leaves. The lamp base design used in this program is simple and elegant, consistent with the style of home decoration.

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