Renovation living room tips

Renovate the living room with just three strokes to make your home look

Visual focus

Regardless of the style of the room, you need to create a design point that catches your eye for the first time. In the past, the wall, on which the TV or sofa was placed, was designed as a theme. Now, the change in the use of the living room has also promoted the updating of the visual focus design.

For the European traditional living room pattern, there is usually a fireplace device. You can make many articles around the fireplace and it is easy to operate. You can also try to use a long bar table that is customarily placed on the entrance. Hang a carefully selected picture frame on the wall above the table. Focus on this decoration and place a sofa, a coffee table, and so on.

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You can use a decorative hanging plate instead of a photo frame and you can get good results.

It is the most clever way to keep the sofa and the walls in the same color. It not only shows your originality in the use of color, but also is easier to choose when combined with other decorations.

Changes in color can be achieved in sofa cushions, curtains and floor decorations.

Renovate the living room with just three strokes to make your home look

Flash material

People like to use neutral tones in the living room, thinking that it will last forever. However, the combination of neutral colors, solid wood furniture and heavy sofa fabrics often makes the entire space appear dim and old. The trick for interior designers is to use mirrors and glass surface decorations to bring a sparkling, high-profile effect to the space.

Beautifully designed mirrors are hung in place to reflect natural light and illuminate the entire room. Similarly, metal table top glass table, crystal glass candlesticks, vases shining with metallic light are not to be missed.

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If you don't like mirrors and glass, try items that are decorated with shells and get the same effect.

The use of flash surface jewelry is not based on the amount of excess, the effect of excessive sparkling will make people feel uncomfortable.

Note that the combination of points on the surface of a glittering material, such as a sofa with a crystal decoration, must not be ignored.

Renovate the living room with just three strokes to make your home look

Soul color

Adding one or two theme colors to a plain space can quickly achieve stunning results. With color as a decorative mainline, there is no need to add too many accessories. If the auxiliary colors in the room are used for large areas such as walls, the use area of ​​the theme color should be relatively small. Such as the pink sofa stool here, there are vaguely pink in the double-sided curtains. In short, the theme color cannot exceed 10% of the overall tone. Relying on packages, flowers, etc., echoes with the theme of the theme, making the space modeling more complete and professional.

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The theme color does not need to use a special jumping color, it does not matter if the saturation is slightly lower, and it can be matched with other colors in the space.

The living room with a traditional style and a single color is suitable for transforming using this method. Try a brand new color scheme to bring a whole new dimension to the space.

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