"Small" space becomes "large" secret

The "small" faction can be interpreted in two ways: one is small (50-90 square meters), and the other is small. Isn’t it? Most young people living in small houses are young couples who haven’t been working for a long time. This kind of house has to shoulder the multiple tasks of study, work, and leisure. It's true that the sparrow is small and fully-equipped.
It is a war to win the renovation and decoration warfare: The limited energy of one's own has to fight with the infinite trivialities, the limited patience has to struggle with the things of a few months, and the family team of one or two people has to do with a dozen or twenty people. The design, construction team struggle, and home ideals have to struggle with shrinking purses, and the requirements of space function must fight with popular aestheticism...
The golden September with no restrictions on decoration will soon come. We must mobilize all resources and make all preparations to fight for this lasting battle. The first thing to do is to reserve physical strength: 40-90 days of construction, surveying, search, and purchase, together with some repairs and communication. If you say 18 baskets a day, you will walk on the road for more than ten kilometers on weekends. Marathon can not stare at the physical strength and endurance. The comrades who started the renovation immediately will start to eat more and more reserve energy from now on.
The second is to have perseverance and perseverance. Renovation is a long-lasting project that requires a lot of energy and time for participants to participate. Everything needs to be involved. Because it is possible to think a little worse, or to explain a little less, the results come out "in a thousand miles." This is a project that has been testing the brain, intelligence, communication, and execution for months, and you are the project manager. You must manage everything from the initial idea to the specific process. Can you be tired?
If there is no problem with physical strength and psychological preparation, then congratulations to you, the most important foundation of the decoration war. Followed by our "renovation preparations series of reports", starting from the style, details, type, taking into account materials, construction tips, and we together to win this battle.
Do not look at the house is small, decoration is not better than the big house worry - both must be carefully designed space and details, and small house storage and functional arrangements more challenging. There are some secrets to be able to walk in the rivers and lakes. It's better to take a look at the predecessors' case.
Combining Words with One Space Use Tips Interpretation: The main point of this tactic is to “break” and put a lot of habits into your usual habits. For example, dining functions can be combined with functions such as writing. A multi-purpose space is indeed the most important part of small-sized apartment design. It is necessary to save space, but also to meet the habits of daily life, not too special, it is indeed a meritorious cultivation of internal strength.
Scenario: The magical use of the platform To achieve a space to achieve several functions, the platform is the most appropriate approach. Raised wood is a natural storage box, where quilts, clothes, and books can be thrown inside. It's also a good thing to sit and play chess or have a chat with friends during a party. He can lean over and write on the side of the platform, get online, and raise his hand to get the book on top, which can double as a learning area. Parents and relatives come to live, as long as the cotton pad is a warm and comfortable shop.
There is no need to worry about environmental protection and economic issues. A plate that meets the environmental protection standard is worth RMB 108 and can hold 2 square meters of platform.
Split Words break the fixed and secret interpretation: There are natural points. For example, washbasins and toilets may not only appear in one space. In the case of limited space, different functions can be implemented in different places. Instead, space utilization and convenience can be improved.

Scenario 1: This is a laundry on the other side. This is a set of old houses in the last century. The washroom is less than 2 square meters. In order to meet the owner's requirements for bathing, toileting and laundry in one space and for wet and dry zoning, the designer pushed the bedroom one meter and made a three-square-metre partitioned washroom. The washbasin was naturally moved outside the washroom, and the kitchen was also more accessible and sanitary.
Option 2: Do not be afraid of lack of space if a wall is divided into two heavens. Do not be afraid to divide it again in a small space. In order to obtain as much storage space as possible, and to avoid contamination of the kitchen fumes, the owner set up a wall in the kitchen and kitchen space, with a red tile on it as a separate kitchen and a green storage room on one side. At the end of the wall, a small number was made, and the two people's daily diet was just enough to lay down.
According to the interpretation of the function of the room along the way, there is always room for distortion and there is always room for dissatisfaction. The trick to this is to forget about "regulations". The rest of the world is like it. Follow it and forget the old fashioned form of the Quartet.
Scenario 1: The trapezoidal corners do the kitchen The house is very regular, but it only leaves a corner for the kitchen, but also for the closet and refrigerator. The owner is not obsessed with old habits that must be rectangular in all areas. Irregular kitchens have the opportunity to arrange washing machines, vegetables, and cooking space. They are small enough for two people to turn around.
Option 2: Water-like circular space wants to sit in the living room to see the whole family? It can be done in this round living room. Imagine the space where the TV is in front and the bedroom is in the left and right hand kitchens and behind the toilet. It sounds great, but it actually gets up in two steps. A sliding door can alternately cover the space you want to block. At other times, it is open to you.
The vertical word development tips for interpretation of space above and below: There is no room for expansion in the small space, and only the furniture above the ceiling and the space under the ceiling are widely used. Display, storage, suspension, and fixation are versatile and effective.
Scenario 1: To watch television, a small space can be completely abandoned in a small space. This way, it is possible to free up valuable walls to do some checks and store cabinets, or to make the entire space without major emphasis. Small. Just this way, the location of the TV can be very casual. The owner of this home chose to hang in the air, sit on a sofa, eat in front of the bar or even lie in bed and enjoy the show.
Option 2: After the sofa is well received on the floor shelf, there are several shelves on the floor. Both books and DVDs can be placed, as well as toys.
Tibetan word storage space built-in secret interpretation: Storage is a big headache for small units. Style and space are all based on whether it is solved. Small space should avoid using obvious, external storage methods, cabinets, boxes can be free, and quiet built-in storage, can make small space looks awkward.
Solution: The locker avatar walls make use of all the corners of the room as much as possible, which is particularly important for small-sized units that are expensive to use. Sacrifice a bit of interior space, make the entire wall into a storage place, the outside is decorated with black shutter doors, the color and red, gold tone, the clothes are breathable, and more importantly, to avoid the boring brought magnified body furniture . Calculate the distance. You can also install a refrigerator next to it.
Exclusive Tips for Small Houses Four Big Design Mistakes If you are decorating a small apartment for the first time, then there are some fixed ideas that you may need to reconsider.
Misunderstanding 1: The small houses should use bright colors. Although this method can make the space appear bright and open, but also abandoned the privacy and quality. The smaller the size of the apartment, the easier it is to get to the point where people can see at a glance the size of the room and the living area and habits. With dark colors and transitions, the space can be weakened, but it appears deep and wide.
Misunderstanding 2: Small units should use bright light to highlight errors. Of course, you can put a headlight in the center of the room to find out what to clean. The creation of a daily atmosphere depends on the scattered light sources of the individual functional areas, which can avoid the unpleasant flaws.
Misunderstanding 3: The construction of small units is simple, and it is wrong to find a construction team. And children's clothes just use less material, the same process as a lot of reasoning, small size compared to a large area of ​​space not only a lot of processes, and more demanding. Be sure to find a team with excellent quality, otherwise the room is small and easy to appear without quality, and it is difficult to repair.
Misunderstanding 4: Small-sized apartment can only be made into a minimalist style. The small space is indeed suitable for deducting modern content, but too simple is a challenge for the accumulation of living materials. In addition, the minimalist style requires high quality, otherwise it looks very low. Therefore, it is better to add a touch of charm to the simple and uncomplicated style of driving. The small things with Chinese flavor are the most suitable for this.

Space effect diagram House type effect diagram Space type House decoration House decoration House decoration design Modern minimalist style Decoration Living room Decoration style Decoration Simple style Modern minimalist style Living room Modern minimalist style Kitchen Modern minimalist style Bedroom function Sofa bed Children's sofa Cabinet cupboard Door locker Shutter door Toilet Door kitchen cabinet door child wardrobe children bed function sofa simple furniture bedroom wardrobe bedroom kitchen tile decoration home bedroom lamp

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