Large-sized apartment with 10 square meters of space 5 kinds of unorthodox design

Areas less than 10 square meters are difficult to design and practical. Below we will introduce five kinds of programs, so that 10 square meters of space can also design wonderful.

Option 1: Bold Use of Color to Build a Personality Area

The color of the jump avoids the dullness brought by the narrow space, and it can make the space more layered.

Option 2: Use lockers and fun decorations

Making full use of the available space and filling in lockers will also make small spaces in order. In addition, lines can be used to increase the sense of space visually.

Option 3: Use Small Furniture

The space is small. Small furniture should be used. In addition to the conventional sofa, sitting on the floor, it has a unique attraction.

Option 4: Use various patterns to light up space

White will make the space more transparent. In addition, continuous pattern design will make the space more continuous and will increase the liveliness of the space.

Scenario 5: Exquisite product lighting space design

The narrow space, using exquisite items, will enhance the overall texture and beauty.

Space Effect Drawing Villa Design Space Furniture Decoration White Furniture Locker

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