Decoration to learn how to choose a small apartment to expand large space

In the face of stubbornly high prices, small-sized units have the advantage of low total prices, low down payments and low monthly payments, which have attracted more and more home buyers. However, the shortcomings of small-sized units are also obvious. The narrowness of the area is the most important issue that buyers must face. Many people who are accustomed to using large houses will almost feel breathless when they enter the small-sized apartment for the first time. But as long as you think about it with a dim sum, the small house can make you feel like living a big house.
This reporter learned that among the small-sized buyers, the proportion of young people is about 50%. As young people walking on the cutting edge of the fashion industry, the reduction in the housing area cannot affect their pursuit of housing quality. On the contrary, they used the characteristics of small size and good management to dress their own small dwellers with more individuality and comfort.
Three strokes to enlarge the space of the house The small house expands the house more brightly. Typical case: Mr. and Mrs. Li bought a set of two-bedroom houses of more than 90 square meters through a bank loan. The husband and wife were happy to have a house of their own. For young couples who do not currently have children, the two houses with a total area of ​​more than 90 square meters are fully adequate. However, due to some deficiencies in the design of the apartments, the area of ​​the living room is limited, not large enough, and there is still some room for unnecessary. How can the space appear to be larger through some methods and means in the limited space environment, and it becomes the problem that Mr. and Mrs. Lee are eager to seek solutions from designers.
The general problem: In a house, a reasonable layout, humane design, practical and sufficient size, these are the basic criteria for people to measure whether a house is satisfactory. The houses that meet these standards can be said to have good congenital conditions. However, if these standards are not fulfilled, the lack of houses in the design, size, and rational layout of the units will require more and more ingenuity to make up for the deficiencies.
The reporter learned from the designers of Mr. Li and his wife that he hopes to enlarge the room space through some methods and means. More and more interior decorators want to make the house more spacious. Among them, some people are limited by the size of the house and hope that the space can be more effective; while the other part of the house is large enough, but still hope to make room as spacious as possible.
A: Wall, top, corners, use mirror to steal space In the design process, the effect of using mirrors to enlarge the space is a method that designers use more often and the effect is also very good. For example, many people like to hang ceilings during their renovations. However, when you inadvertently look up, you sometimes feel some depression due to the thickness of the ceiling. In fact, it is not very difficult to reduce this feeling of depression and increase the effect of space. We can put a mirror on the ceiling of the wall behind the sofa and slide along the suspended ceiling. A wide, thin strip of paper is attached to the top so that when you occasionally look up and look up, the house will look a bit taller and play a role in stretching space.
Tip: Although the use of mirrors can bring about good results, the blinding, large-scale assembly of large mirrors will bring people visual and psychological discomfort, seeing themselves in the mirror sometimes scared themselves. of.
There are many ways to put mirror on the wall. You can put a mirror on the corner between the two walls from top to bottom. This not only broadens the space, but also increases the feeling of deepening the room. When you put a mirror on the corner, you should at least make a 1cm groove and put a mirror on it to make it recess and have a feeling embedded in the wall. This will make the effect more natural.
Two: Dynamic Decoration Increases Visual Level Designers While performing a special design, the use of some decorative effects cannot be ignored. Clever use of drape, textured gauze, draperies, or fiber optic lights will make the space more layered; the half-shadowed effects and structured spatial effects are instantly amplified. Some smart furniture, with multiple positions, will make space more dynamic.
Three: contrast, embellishment, replacement, let the color expand the site If your home has a limited area, then in the limited space or the use of light colors tend to be more suitable. Lighter colors can extend the space and make the space look bigger. A uniform tone can increase the simplicity of the room.
Color Contrast Method - In the living room, use two different colors to compare colors, such as the dark side of the video wall can be dark brown or affixed with dark wood material, the other walls are painted into a unified light color . This contrast of colors will have the effect of expanding the sense of space.
The color patch method --- brushing the walls into white will make the room bright and concise, but seeing the time is too monotonous color may make people's visual fatigue. In fact, we can embellish some color blocks on the wall. The size of these color blocks is moderate, and the color can be decorated on the wall according to your preferences, giving people the effect of visually magnifying the space.
Color Replacement Method—In the limited living room space, it may be too monotonous to paint the walls into a single color. If you paint two colors in the room, use two colors in the cool and warm colors to match, such as : Lighter orange and brown ash, producing a color difference will make the whole room appear a sense of hierarchy, but also more modern.
Xiaoju Design Tips 1: Reasonably divide the small-sized houses in the functional area. For similar activities, the space can be arranged in a unified way. For example, the living room and dining room can be divided into the same area. The bedroom and the study area are relatively quiet and can be divided into together. This saves more space. While dividing, we should make reasonable use of each space to avoid the appearance of dead ends.
Small house design proposal two: properly reduce the physical walls can consider allowing flexible partition to replace the wall, remove the non-load-bearing wall, instead of using sliding doors instead, open the partition, forming a large space, close the sliding door, will not Interfere with each other.
Small House Design Proposal 3: Simplicity, Unity is fundamentally simple, and the overall sense is particularly important for small spaces. To know too many complicated shapes will make space appear more cramped; full and full of furniture will make the space more crowded; unstyled furniture style will make the space appear more abrupt; reduce complex design in a limited space; Do something blank.
Magic furniture allows small houses to expand and contract. Small-sized houses should be "lightly decorated" and heavy furniture. According to their personal preferences, the head of household can use the above methods to rationally and appropriately design their own house. Avoiding too many designs makes the entire space look more messy and cumbersome. Simple design, personalized home, is a magic weapon for small apartment decoration to win.
The importance of folding folding tables and chairs for small-sized units does not require me to say more. In order to save space, it is advisable to set up a small-sized living room without any tables or chairs other than a two or three-person sofa. In addition, other furniture should be as flexible as possible. For example, TV cabinets, coffee tables, dining tables, dinettes, beds, etc.
In the selection of furniture, furniture with strong storage functions should pay attention to its storage function while paying attention to practicality and space saving. Because of the small space, there is really no place for extraneous clothing and rarely used cups. For example, when choosing a bed, you can choose to have drawers on all four sides of the bed. You can collect things you don't normally use.
"Mini" home appliances For small-sized homes, large appliances will only make the housing space more crowded. The appearance of refined, stylish small appliances has become the user's choice. With the gradual warming of single apartments and small-sized houses, some electrical manufacturers have also seen the market. Haier, Midea, Rongsheng, Panasonic and other home appliance manufacturers have all launched a series of small appliances. Because the price of small household appliances is cheaper than home appliances, and it is flexible and lightweight, the power consumption is relatively small, and the functions are relatively complete. Therefore, they are increasingly sought after by everyone. In addition, the exquisite fashion of small home appliances can also be used as home accessories.
Experts advise: careful decoration reduces risk
1. Try not to find guerrillas and other non-formal decoration team to carry out home decoration. As a result, there is no guarantee for your personal property and safety. Second, if a renovation accident occurs, it will be difficult for you to be an employer.
2. If you find a guerrilla team to do renovation, first of all, it depends on whether it is linked to the company; Second, it must sign a detailed contract with it. Related issues such as the rights, obligations, and relationships of both parties must be clearly defined and the contract can be true, legal, and effective. If problems occur, they can also appropriately reduce or reduce their responsibilities.
3. If the contract foreman brings in many workers of unknown origin, you cannot tell whether they have qualifications for employment. Before they take up their posts, they ask the workers and contractors to write a guarantee. For example, they are trained to work. There will be such as who will bear the responsibility for the danger.
4. If an accident occurs during the renovation process, it is first negotiated between the parties to resolve it. If it does not become a labor department or a court to help solve the problem.
Reporter's notes: During the interview, the reporter found that although relevant laws relating to renovation accidents have always existed, there are still a lot of owners who have suffered a loss. Everyone understands that it is not happy to suddenly turn from good to bad. However, if you want to completely solve this problem, it is not a matter of overnight. It is not based on the efforts of one or two people. As an owner, no matter what kind of company you choose to carry out renovations, don’t forget to protect your rights first. Don’t wait for a last-ditch meal to regret it. As a home improvement company, you should also continue to improve related contracts for renovation accidents, and Externally trained workers undergo rigorous training and review; as a guerrilla team, they should gradually move toward regularization and legalization for their own safety. In law, it can also be detailed and refined.
Links: "The Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Personal Injury Compensation Cases"
Article 11 When an employee suffers personal injury during his employment, the employer shall bear the liability for compensation. Where a third party other than the employment relationship causes personal injury to the employee, the claimant may request the third party to bear the liability for compensation, and may also request the employer to bear the liability for compensation. Employers can claim compensation from third parties after they are liable for compensation.
Where an employee suffers personal injury due to a safety production accident while engaged in an employment activity, the employer or subcontractor knows or should have known that the employer accepting the contract or subcontracting business has no corresponding qualifications or safe production conditions, and shall bear the joint liability for compensation with the employer.
Article 14: If a worker suffers personal injury due to helper activities, he shall be liable for compensation if he is helped by the worker. If a worker is explicitly refused work, he shall not be liable for compensation; however, he may make appropriate compensation within the scope of his benefit.
If a third party infringes a person and causes personal injury, the third party shall bear the liability for compensation. If the third party is unable to determine or not have the ability to pay compensation, it can be properly compensated by the aided workers.

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