Cloakroom design with flexible storage space

Stacking area

Liner: The shirt is a man's second face. Liners designed for high-end shirts meet the needs of various models of shirt storage. Put the men's shirt in the sliding lining with slide rails, with clear and convenient at a glance.

Ordinary drawers: There will be some special tailoring clothes for high social occasions, such as diagonal cloth tops, heavy hand-beaded dresses, and knit sweaters. The best way to fold them is to fold them. The fewer creases, the better. If the folded clothing is afraid of wrinkles, you can put tissue paper in the fold, or place the roll at the crease, which helps reduce wrinkles.

Four side pull basket: In order to increase the capacity of the cloakroom, to store more items in a limited space, you can choose to pull the basket with a sliding rail. Metal frame breathable design, suitable for storing pure wool material is not easy to fold clothes, not easy to mold, insects.

Swivel pull basket: the amount of clothes on the rotating hanger is three times that of traditional clothes hangers. It can be rotated and hung immediately on the innermost clothes. It can also be presented in front of the rotation. The dividers that are unique to the pull basket can be used to separate the interior of the basket according to your needs, using a small area to sort out the accessories.

Although there is a good storage space, but many people do not know how to use, today we will teach you to rationalize the storage area.

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Suspended area

Ordinary clothes rod: The hanging area of ​​the cloakroom should be spacious. Every hanging piece of clothing should be kept at an appropriate distance. Do not crowd together. When trousers and skirts of silk, pure leather, suede and other fabrics are hung with clothespins, a layer of paper must be placed between the clips and the clothes to avoid ugly grip marks.

Hanging rod: The metal hanging rail with slide rails is a major feature of the cloakroom. Damping muted design slides, drawing more smooth, will not scratch the clothing, it is suitable for hanging high scarf, tie, scarf, shawl And other accessories.

Hanging trousers: Hanging trousers hangers in the spin baskets are skid-resistant and the trousers do not slide easily during push-pull. At the same time, the thickness of the hanging rod is accurately calculated, and there is no need to worry about hang marks on the trousers after a long time.

Tie rack: Attendance in business activities, tie is a well-deserved highlight. A tie rack designed specifically for ties in the cloakroom, the oblique angle design makes it easier to display and select the tie.

Lifting clothes rail: If you hang more clothes, you have a lot of dresses, most of which are long dresses, which means you need to choose more lift-style clothes rail. The height of the lift-type clothes rail can be adjusted, and even longer dresses can be easily taken off, and there is no need to worry about the bottom of the dress being not straight, and the clothes have creases.

Miscellaneous area

Storage box: For some small pieces of scattered items, you can use hemp storage baskets, beautiful paper boxes to store, corner space to create a wardrobe can be placed in some of the larger debris box, or place a common bag, so that the corner can be Reasonable use.

Laundry clothes storage basket: In order not to mix clothes to be washed with clean clothes, a cotton laundry bag is placed in a cloakroom together with a metal basket. The bottom with a pulley design facilitates the storage of dirty clothes.

Side pull shoe rack: The side pull shoe rack is the most efficient use of the area for storage. Leather shoes are expensive and maintenance work is required. Before you place your shoes, you must first wash the soles and hold them in the area with a shoe last or paper ball.

Partition drawers: silk pajamas are the least likely to be placed neatly, and women's underwear is afraid of being squeezed, and special underwear drawers lay flat clothing, which can solve this problem well.

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Large area

Partition: This is a stacking area with a grid. The open cubicle in the cloakroom is more suitable for the storage of bedding, bags, pillows, and bags. Usually there are always some items that are out of season or infrequently used, occupying the main area of ​​the closet and giving us inconvenience in finding other clothes. Due to the low utilization rate, the large space in the upper part of the cloakroom is designed for blankets, blankets, etc. Cushions, sofa sets, curtains and other items stacked open up a large space.

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