Living room decoration - to create a living room emotional space

The sofa sofa plays a role in determining the style of the living room, so it is necessary to buy a suitable sofa.
American sofas are known for their generousness. Japanese-style sofas are naturally simple and often have palisade-like wooden handrails. Continental sofas are exquisite in craftsmanship and design. They are not only practical but also fashionable.
Pick a couch and try to sit on it. The sense of design of the sofa embodies whether its function is ergonomic and whether it incorporates technological content in its structure. The intuitive way is to see its style, color and beauty. In addition, you should also pay attention to the details of the sofa, such as whether there is any flaws, whether the stitches are fine, and whether the width of the seat cushion is proportional to your physical needs.

Living Room Renovation - Comfortable Directions Perhaps we need to reconsider what the home's space is for - show off or be at ease. Each space has its original intention. It is nothing more than to make people's activities more comfortable and more relaxed. But in many people's homes, those intentions have begun to sleep. What kind of design can reawaken them?
Accompanied by our furniture or accessories, we need to reawaken, not only the form, but also its inner essence, qi, and God. The function can be changed, but emotions are getting old.
When a friend visits, he needs to narrate the old with the owner in the living room. When the family reunite, they need to share the happiness of the family in the living room. When the work is tired, they need to relax in the living room.
The status of the living room at home is very important, and it is the main vein of the home style. In the design, it is necessary to take care of the family's preferences and comfort, and also to consider all aspects of the layout of the apartment. The design of a successful living room should integrate the owner's taste, cultural quality and decorative style in the same space environment.

Living room decoration - space division The living room combines the functions of meeting, leisure and entertainment. It is the area where people spend the longest time in the home except the bedroom. The design of a modern living room, whether classical or simple, is nothing more than dividing the living room into a reception area, audio-visual area, gathering area and entrance area.
The small living room should be concise. Wheeled TV cabinets increase space efficiency, while accessories and flowers and plants embellishment are also simple. To space is spacious, do not ceiling, the entrance should use transparent partition or TV cabinet wall. The living room is connected to the dining room and is partitioned by lights, allowing the space to show a natural transition through spotlights.
The large living room needs to pay attention to reasonable space planning. The entrance serves as an area that displays the decoration of the master's room or a unique aesthetic taste. In addition, the clarity of the guest, the audio-visual, and the party area is also a great advantage of the large living room.

The TV cabinet audio-visual area is where family members relax and entertain. Plasma TVs, DVD players, and audio equipment are essential. A TV cabinet with a harmonious style of living room became the highlight of the audiovisual area. How can audiovisual equipment and TV cabinets complement each other? This depends on the size of the TV and the number of audio combinations to select the TV cabinet.
Of course, the choice of TV cabinet should also be based on the size and weight of the audio-visual equipment. It is best to consult with the Purchasing Guide at the time of purchase. What is the loading capacity of the TV cabinet? To avoid excessive collapse of the equipment. The location of the TV should be slightly lower than the eye level, and not too close to the seat.
New product recommendation: The TV cabinet and the bookcase are combined into one. This is the new product that appeared at the Guangzhou Furniture Fair in March of this year. It also uses the Sui door as a decoration. This type of TV cabinet is divided into two parts, one side is the TV cabinet covered by the door. Place a large screen plasma TV. When you move the deep purple door to the TV side, the bookcase's face is revealed.

Living Room Decoration - Lighting The design of the living room lighting needs to be both practical and decorative. The lamps in the reception area can be selected according to the height of the room. The ceiling can be installed with the ceiling or downlight as the main light source to make the space bright as a whole. If the floor is high, a long hanging line light can be used to create a harmonious atmosphere of meeting guests. Light pink and yellow light gives a warm feeling; light green and blue shades are more suitable for cold-tone rooms. Dark walls absorb light and require strong light.

coffee table

If the sofa is the man's number one on the stage of the living room, then the coffee table is definitely the number one woman to match. The small-sized coffee table snuggles up to the sofa, and the "narrative" style of the entire living room is outlined.
The wooden coffee table is thick, elegant and intimate. The glass coffee table is transparent and clear, combined with stainless steel or rattan support, which is simple, stylish and dynamic. The toughness of tempered glass makes it turn into a unique style. It is a U-shaped integrated glass coffee table, smooth and full of vitality.
New product recommendation: Fish-shaped glass coffee table: Let this shiny "fish" bring the atmosphere of the ocean to your living room. Reciprocating coffee table: Two square glass coffee tables can be dislocated into diamonds by gently turning them. As the stainless steel shaft rotates 180 degrees, it turns back into a rectangle.

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