The three best ideas for saving money in home improvement

Recently, "hot" and "up" are probably the most popular keywords in Google. Let's not talk about "hot", a single "up" word is daunting.
However, the more "hot," the more it needs to be justified. The more "up," the more courageous it is. As the saying goes, you have reason to "rise." I have a "provincial" doorway.
In home and decorating, due to the increase in labor costs at the beginning of the year, and the rise of paint, wood, and other building materials that have been claimed by many media in recent times, it is not necessarily a bad thing to take precautions irrespective of whether the information is accurate or not. However, how to find a way to save money in the "up" sound is probably a matter of benevolence, and the wise see wisdom.
Money saving plan 1
Soldiers will come from the ground to cover the water and cover up a reasonable selection of hardcover houses Many people are not impressed with refined decoration rooms, and think that fine decoration rooms are actually a choice of high complaint rates. In fact, this phenomenon has become "outdated." As with the current trend, after the immature years of the decoration of the rooms, great progress has now been made. Although China still does not have a fully-fit house quality acceptance standard, but the relevant departments have begun to push refined decoration room, and all localities have specific promotion goals, therefore, it can be said that refined decoration house is the highlight of the future real estate development and even the overall trend. In other words, in the future, there will be fewer and fewer rough houses.
Some people may be surprised that even if the decoration will be the future trend, what does it have to do with "province"? In fact, "province" means not only saving money but also "promoting power." You can try to ask what your newly decorated friends thought. It is estimated that there will be 89 times to tell you: tired. Indeed, especially the kind of decoration that is not included in the contracting work, it's just a "tired" word. Tired it, it often costs a few saliva, so that the low price of the solution may be just an ordinary retail price, and this price is much higher than the wholesale price, therefore, decoration choose to buy their own material is sometimes "High-paying energy" job.
In terms of refined decoration rooms, since this decoration mode is a process of mass renovation, even if the developers provide menu service, the overall purchase amount of a certain material is also very impressive, plus some developers even You can contact the brand directly. Therefore, the price of the material obtained by the developer is absolutely unmatched by any retail price. At the same time, if you stay in a decorated room, you can no longer be bothered by the noise of knocking on the wall to drill in the neighborhood. More often than not, you only need to arrange the soft furnishings in your home to save money and save energy. Why not do it?
Matters needing attention: As the refined decoration room is still in the immature stage, there are a lot of things that need attention in selecting the fine decoration room. Need to be reminded is that, first of all, choose fine decoration house best choice of well-known developers of real estate; Second, it is best to specify the materials and models used in the signing of the contract, and it is best to indicate the warranty period and warranty conditions; Finally, also According to the grade of decoration, it is necessary to distinguish whether the developer has gone up to the house price.
2 money saving plan
If you don't feel comfortable with decorating your home, or if you enjoy the happiness of “do-it-yourself, full-fledged food”, then nowadays a new way of shopping will make you feel happier——— Group buy.
In today's highly developed network, group buying is no longer a new term, and many professional group buying websites have also emerged. If many people at the beginning are still skeptical about group purchase, the younger generation is now very keen to buy.
Not long ago, a group buying site in Shanghai held a group buying activity for home building materials, ranging from showers to floors, from tiles to wallpapers, from range hoods to bathtubs, which basically covered the parts involved in the entire home improvement process. As the group purchase organizers directly contact the brand manufacturers to supply goods, plus the large number of participants, therefore, group purchase is basically an organized and disciplined wholesale behavior. It is understood that there are many brands on the day the group purchase price is even lower than the market price of 30% -50%, is really a good thing for both manufacturers and consumers a win-win situation.
In addition to such group purchases organized by professional organizations, many netizens also like to communicate online and organize group purchases. Some enthusiastic netizens even went to the major building materials stores to compare prices and promotional efforts in advance, and then went to the groups on the Internet to communicate and select the destination collective “bargaining”. Although this move is not necessarily more affordable than professional group purchases, it is relatively more reliable and reliable. After all, it is the choice made by one-handed sources.
Matters needing attention: Even if it is the activities of a professional group purchase network, it still needs an overall grasp of the price. Do not blindly follow the trend, follow the flow. At the same time, the net purchases made by netizens have to be brightened. Because of the openness of the Internet, it is necessary to avoid being confused by the lies of “buying and buying”.
3 of the money saving plan
Knowing yourself and knowing yourselves is not enough. There are many ways to save money and save money. For house decoration, you can't fill it up, or paint it only twice. So, where else can I save? The first two major savings programs are actually from large provinces, while the third is from small to provincial.
Prepayment means that after you are determined to choose a certain brand of building materials, the money will be prepaid to the store, and the goods will be withdrawn at an agreed time. In fact, this method of payment has been known to most people, but many people choose this method only because the family can't make room and store the purchased goods in the store. In fact, it is a pity that the benefits of prepayments are only used as deposits.
It is understood that some building materials supermarkets in Shanghai can provide such services: prepayments plus unconditional returns. The two seemingly completely irrelevant service methods can actually be used in combination when the market price trend is not clear. For example: If the paint is now 300 yuan per barrel, Ms. Wang reserves 6 barrels for a total price of 1800 yuan. If one month later, the paint drops to 200 yuan per barrel, then Miss Wang chooses unconditional return. After retiring and repurchasing at a price of 200 yuan per barrel, you can save 600 yuan; if one month later, the paint will rise to 400 yuan. Barrel, then Miss Wang chooses to pick up the goods, which also saves 600 yuan. You can see at a glance.
Note: Not all building materials stores will have such services. Therefore, consumers can ask the promoters in detail before buying. At the same time, since there is usually a time limit for unconditional returns, they must make a choice after receiving a detailed reply. Many concessionary prices for building materials still require more questions and more understanding. Only in constant communication with promoters can they obtain greater benefits.

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