There are four ways to save money when choosing materials

With the breeze in the spring, we came slowly to us. The one-year plan is spring. Have you started preparing yourself for the decoration of your own home? The issues that need to be considered in the renovation are very extensive. If you want to take into account the needs of the whole family, the preparations in the early stages are indispensable. Life home Xiaobian Chen Chen is here to prepare you the most comprehensive and practical decoration information, hoping to make all the small homes are warm and comfortable!
Renovation wants to save money, as long as you master the defects in planning and construction, and strictly perform inspections at the time of completion. If you need additional follow-up projects to find the original designer, you can get a satisfactory answer on price or service.
He took out his savings as a down payment, had a mortgage for two or three decades, bought a dream house for his life, and finally found that he did not have enough money for renovations and continued to compromise on the status quo to make amendments. After all, he could not create an ideal and comfortable environment. . In fact, if you want to save money for decoration, you have to take it seriously, spend less money and do big things, learn the following tricks:
When planning and planning how to decorate a house, as long as you pay special attention to a few principles, communicating with the designer can save you a lot of money:
1. Try not to use labor as much as possible: In fact, only 30% of the material in the entire budget for decoration is made up. The salaries of various masters account for 60%, and the designer's design fee accounts for 10%. The money will naturally be more.
2. Do not move to mud work as much as possible: as long as you move to any project that requires cement, like a wall will be derived from the repair of floor tiles, wall repair, tile repair, paint repair, carpentry and other projects, can be described as When moving the whole army, we must think twice.
3. Try to use ready-made furniture instead of wood works: Decoration is the most labor-consuming addition to mud work, and the other is woodworking, and this is very time consuming, so unless you need to use the room to create more storage space, just ask the designer to Planning, otherwise it is recommended to use ready-made furniture instead.
4. The use of building materials of the same grade or reconstituted materials: There is no need to use brand names. Many same-grade building materials can have the same effect, but the prices are very different. Try to find cooperating companies with replacement materials, such as wooden floors, paints, etc., because these manufacturers sometimes launch promotional products, and the price is usually cheaper than looking for building materials and finding workers to construct.
5. Space should not “move things away from heaven and earth”: The most basic principle of design and decoration is to avoid shifting the room, especially the bathroom and kitchen. It will also increase the cost of the hydropower project, and the displacement of the drainage pipeline will be slightly neglected as long as the construction is not done. In the future, it is most likely to cause problems such as water leakage.
6. The balcony should not be extrapolated: Although only one wall is destroyed, the subsequent addition of the project is not simple, like aluminum windows or airtight windows, waterproofing, etc. However, most old houses need to create space by pushing out the balcony, and they can think of other ways. For example, the tiles in the balcony wall should not be knocked out, but they should be painted directly.
7. Many prices are more than one: the price is a very normal action, do not be embarrassed, more than a few families must be designated.
8. Price-based pricing: As far as possible, friends, relatives, and households in the same community should find people who have a need for decorating. Use the same materials in the planning as much as possible so that they can conditionally bid on the designer.
9. Ruling Policy: Although many people are using this item, if they do not use it, it seems that by default, they don’t care how much money they want to spend, and they use the good friend as a means of emotional dialogue.
10. Payment method: Pay as much as possible by check payment, so that the limited budget can be used more flexibly.

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