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Nowadays decoration has become the topic of many family discussions. Before the renovation, many families will estimate the cost of renovation. When no specific area is seen, any kind of calculation is a kind of estimation method. The author will introduce the following about the cost of the renovation.
First, the wall base treatment is 3 yuan per square meter.
Tip: If your grassroots is quite good, this part of the money can be saved. This part can not be seen in the decoration offer, under normal circumstances will be done in the wall coating, or wall substrate repair, the general way of marking: wall leveling repair, calculated by the actual amount. But for the general way of doing electronic slotting or internal wall insulation, etc., should be the overall construction.
Second, the wall paint stucco wall lining Fu Asia six in one plant paint, 27 yuan per square meter.
Tip: If you use the primer mode, then you can use 821, if not, then do not use 821 putty as much as possible, because it is easy to foaming off, large particles, the wall size is generally multiplied by the area of ​​3.5 for the wall area , but generally more, so you can take 3, but in order to accurately or on-site treatment.
The basic method of selecting the paint: After opening the cover, the real environmental protection latex paint should be water-based, non-toxic and tasteless. After a period of time, the surface of the genuine latex paint will form a very thick elastic oxide film, which will not be easily cracked. The paint mixes, picks up again with the wooden stick, the high-quality latex paint will fan-shaped when going down. Touch with your finger, genuine latex paint should feel smooth and delicate. When looking at the ingredients when purchasing, the composition of the high-quality coating should be a copolymer resin or a pure acrylic resin. Don't forget to look at the product's shelf life.
Third, the floor tiles are about 95 yuan per square meter, because there will be tiles, breakages, etc., so the floor tile area should be added 3% -8%.
The simple method of selecting the tiles is to remove any piece from the packing box to see whether the surface is smooth and in good condition. The glaze surface should be uniform, bright, spotless, lack of glaze and bump, and the edges should be regular. Glazing is not bright, astringent, or air bubbles are quality problems. Then take out a piece of brick and align two pieces. The smaller the middle gap, the better. If it is a pattern tile, four pieces must be used to piece together a complete pattern, and whether the pattern of the brick should be connected and clear should be considered. Put these bricks together and put them together. Compare the sizes of the bricks. The deviation of the small bricks is allowed to be plus or minus 1 mm. The large bricks are allowed to be plus or minus 2 mm. (Recommended brands: Nobel, Marco Polo, Mona Lisa, etc.)
Fourthly, the use of imitation wood for wooden floors is approximately 89 yuan per square meter. If it is to be leveled with the ground, self-leveling cement or ground floor can be used, which can add about 10 yuan per square meter and the total price is 99 yuan per square meter. Floor loss plus 8%-10%. (Recommended brands: Icon, Fulin, Anne, Life, Del, etc.)
Fifth, the kitchen bathroom wall tiles are about 75 yuan per square meter, and the reported damage can be the same as the ground. (The wall surface is covered with ordinary crafts. All kinds of tiles require 11kg of ordinary cement, 33kg of medium sand and 2kg of lime paste per square meter. All kinds of ceramic tiles inlaid with ordinary crafts require 13kg of ordinary cement, 27kg of medium sand, and 3kg of lime paste.) The method of selection can refer to the way of floor tiles.
Sixth, about 2,500 yuan per set of toilet equipment (toilet, wash basin, faucet, bath kit, mirror, paper box, soap box, towel bar, tray, floor drain, Yuba).
Tip: There are some cheaper appliances in the market, but the quality is quite poor, so it is recommended not to use too cheap.
Seventh, kitchen cabinets cost approximately 900 yuan per meter, (crystal plates, acrylics, paint, etc., but do not include brands, as well as faucets and sinks).
Eighth, the ceiling is about 50 yuan per square meter.
Ninth, the balcony wall tiles are 60 yuan per square meter, and care should be taken not to use glue paste as much as possible, because the taste is too heavy.
Tenth, the balcony hangers Qiao wife 230 yuan each, the installation personnel received 10 yuan, the total price of 240 yuan, remember to ask for warranty credentials, because these things are guaranteed by the manufacturers of the eleventh, the suite door is recommended to use composite solid wood will be strong Some, each about 950 yuan, including Paramount locks, thicker hinges, door stoppers.
Tip: If it is not because of financial problems, it is not recommended to use the door of the veneer door. It is not very strong. If you must use three sets of hinges, you can still use it better.
Twelfth, the bathroom door is recommended to use a micro-molecular structure, can play a good waterproof, each set of about 850 yuan, accessories and other the same.
Thirteenth, bathroom waterproof 19 yuan per square meter.
Fourteenth, the power transformation is about 3,500 yuan, {power supply line, wire conduit, universal angle iron (30×30, 40×40), expansion bolt M8, galvanized pipe joint, lock nut, junction box, plastic guard, Iron shell hose, pipe clamp, round bar φ6~φ8mm, welding rod, galvanized iron wire, aluminum bar, circular saw blade (grinding wheel), motor oil 20#. Lighting 2.5mm2 copper core double-clad wire BVV2 × 2.5mm2, BVV2 × 1.5mm2 (switch). Air conditioning and other equipment 4 ~ 6mm2 copper core wire BVV2 × 4mm2. Entry line is not less than 10mm2. The bending coefficient is 1.6, black cloth 2 rolls/100m, and the wire is 24# fine wire: 0.2kg/100m. Lighting circuits, lamps, electrical control boxes, switch boxes, sockets, security switches. Eyes single socket, three eyes single socket, double socket, air conditioner socket, socket board. The brand recommends Matsumoto Electrician, International Electrotechnics TCL, Yum! Electric, and Chisun Electric. Siemens is also a good choice, but it is prone to fakes. It is mainly cautious for those who do not understand the market.
Tip: The general switch operating current 10A, 1.5A or more air-conditioning use 15A socket, 1.5 air below the use of 10A socket, the installation height of not less than 2.2m. Socket loop leakage switch rated current 16A-20A, lighting circuit breaker 10A-16A, air conditioning loop 16A-25A, total switch with leakage current 32A-40A. The switch is 1m from the ground and the socket is 30-50mm from the ground.
Fifteenth, the waterway reconstruction is about 2,000 yuan.
Sixteenth, the luminaire is about 3,000 yuan. The average small and medium-sized company does not charge installation fees, because this part of the money is already in the power transformation.
Seventeenth, the garbage is cleared and transported for 200 yuan. Many people have mentioned this problem. The general decoration company does not control the removal of garbage. If it is not just outside the door, then there is no need to give it to the decoration company. For owners, it is troublesome to find a car, and the decoration company is too easy.
Eighteenth, the cleaning fee is 200 yuan. Many decoration companies will now be linked to some hygiene issues. The price will range from about RMB 150-300. Cleaning is good, and it will be easier for the owner to clean it by hand.
The nineteenth, the management fee is 1,500 yuan. The general decoration company only stated general routine management on the management fee. This is a very vague statement. It must be specified in the contract what kind of details of management, if they can not deduct them money.
Twentieth, environmental governance 800 yuan, buy a family health without losses.

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PP (Polypropylene) Biaxial Geogrid Composite With Nonwoven Geotextile: Ultimate tensile strengths from 10kN/m to 50kN/m .  Flexurally stiff biaxial monolithic and integrally formed geogrid constructed of Polypropylene  by a unique punching and drawing process comosite with needle punched geotextile is manufactured using short synthetic fabric by welding .  

1. It reinforce old asphalt concrete road surface and asphalt layer, and prevents damage ; 

2. It is used for rebuilding cement concrete road surface into composite road surface and restraining reflection caused by block contraction . 

3. It is used in road expansion and improvment project and crack caused by old and new combination position and uneven sedimentation ;  

4. It is used in soft soil base reinforcement treatment ,  is favorable for soft soil water separation and concretion,restrains sedimentation effectivly,distributes stress uniformly and improve overall strength of road base; 

5. It is sued for preventing contraction crack caused by new road semi-rigid base layer,and reinforces and prevents road surface crack caused by foundation crack reflection. 


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