Decoration bargain top secret skills sharing

Here are some of the bargaining experiences I have summarized to share with you:
1, try to arrange to go to the building city to buy things Monday to Friday because there are relatively few people shopping from Monday to Friday, so the JS offer will be lower than the weekend. If you have to spend the weekend to get cheeky, you have to bother harassing JS until he sells it to you at the price you want.
Ways to negotiate with JS from Monday to Friday: Tell JS that there are usually fewer people, and the rental of stalls is so expensive. It is not enough to make a profit on weekends, and earning less can at least protect the cost; tell JS that you are today. The time is very rich. I don't mind talking to him about his agreement. Tell JS that not every business needs to make a lot of money. Sometimes sales are also very important. No sales are likely to be missed. The discounted purchase price is better than buying it at the end of the month.
The way to negotiate with JS over the weekend: There are more people on the weekends, and JS easily refuses to ask for a price. Anyway, if you don't buy someone else, you will buy it. At this time, it will be a trick: P, tightly follow JS, even if he ignores you but also to follow him, to keep talking, do not give him the opportunity to speak with other customers. Tell JS that you did a lot of market research. His stuff is worth so much money. The price you give is not nonsense. If he does not sell to you, you will not leave, but will always give him "work", let him imagine that because of your entanglement, he will be in a great weekend How much chance to make money is lost.
2, see more than a few, more than a comparison. And each JS must come up with the attitude of buying at the time to talk about, tell JS if the price is right, it can be ordered immediately. Usually JS will give a more realistic price.
3, unless you immediately pick up the goods, otherwise we must let JS write on the order that the deposit can be retired. This way, if you see cheaper prices in the future than you can, you can go back and buy cheaper.
4. Tell JS that you like this one very much. You have read many homes and let him directly give you a unit price. If the price of JS newspaper is higher or similar than you know, tell him that it is not a real price. Let him report again. This method repeatedly uses several individual JS purchases to obtain a minimum price for an individual product.
5, after you have grasped the lowest price you can grasp, and then report it to JS for a few bucks. If JS does not sell, tell him repeatedly that you firmly believe that you can reach a consensus on this price point, and not because of such a few bucks. It cannot be bought or sold. Repeatedly speaking, speaking of his failure.
6. Tell JS that your friend was bought at a price of XX in the field. You firmly believe that he can also sell it to you at XX price.
Note: It must be said in an encouraging tone.
7, tell JS you want to buy this thing, if he does not sell you, you have to go to other JS to buy. He told him that nowadays the decoration is so many people, let him imagine how much sales to other JS body is a painful thing for him.
Note: Be sure to repeat it.
8, if you really do not know how to cut with the JS, tell him more than your budget, if he can not do it, you can only reluctantly buy other things instead. But you really like it, ask him to help you. If he proposes to give you a little more than you said, don't be tempted, keep insisting on your price, and say that price repeatedly until JS agrees to sell it to you.
9, if you talk about the price you think is satisfactory, let JS billing, and then let him send you some small accessories. Repeatedly grinding several times, the general JS will agree. Because JS is unwilling to let customers who have already opened a bill because of a little bit of disagreement.
10, after billing, we must try to pay as little as possible, so that in the future if it is more convenient to withdraw. If JS makes you pay more deposits, you will tell him repeatedly that you haven't taken anything from him. The deposit is to express your trust in JS. Let JS write the conditions you have discussed on the order so that they will not regret it in the future. To sum up, negotiation with JS should be patient, be prepared for sufficient time, and be ready for lasting stop. General grinding time is long, JS is annoying, in order not to affect his business, as long as he does not lose money, he will sell.
The above items should be comprehensively applied and flexibly matched. Prolonged use will not only save you a large amount of money, but will also greatly increase your level of speaking.

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