The sofa arrangement determines the layout of the living room

The parlor area is the main event space in the living room. Its purpose is to receive guests. When there is no guest, they can talk and party for the family. The main area of ​​the guest parlor is a sofa. The layout of the sofa determines the layout of the parlor area. The common layouts are:
The "L" arrangement "L" arrangement is a sofa arranged along two adjacent walls, the plane of which is "L". With such a generous and straightforward arrangement, it is possible to set up AV cabinets on the opposite side or place a wall-wide mural. This is a very common and timely arrangement.
"C" type arrangement "C" type arrangement is to arrange sofas along three adjacent walls and put a coffee table in the middle. This arrangement is convenient for seating, easy to talk and can take care of everything. It is suitable for families who are keen to socialize. However, it is.
Diagonal arrangement <br>Diagonal arrangement is a diagonal arrangement of the two sets of sofas, a vertical and asymmetric arrangement is easy and lively, convenient and comfortable.
Symmetrical Arrangement <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> Symmetry Arrangement Symmetrical Arrangement is similar to traditional Chinese arrangement, with a solemn atmosphere and strong sense of location, suitable for more rigorous families.
"Yi" layout "Yi" layout is very common, the sofa swings along a wall with a "one" shape, placed in front of the coffee table, can be used for smaller families in the living room.
Lok Lok style layout style layout <br> very Happy, relatively easy chair hair and Changsha, this home has mercy for elderly, infirm, and sick can lie can sit, very convenient.
Square arrangement adapted <br> square arrangement like chess, family cards, the player may be the far side, a similar arrangement may be employed playing family.
Desktop <br> arranged to be disposed desktop use and sinking platform floor, no specific seat, to adjust the seat cushion only, random elastic, very comfortable, but also for a temporary platform beds and other purposes , it is a rather unique type of arrangement.
The above arrangements are not static and can be adjusted and changed as needed. Also sitting area in addition to a sofa, coffee table outside, but also set up storage cabinets, decoration cabinet and other furniture. The furniture can be single or modular; it can be low or walled.
Regardless of the form, it should be based on the size and shape of the living room, together with other furniture to form a comfortable, elegant and pleasant reception and reunion center. The lighting method of the reception area is generally direct lighting. Chandeliers, floor lamps and downlights can be selected for the lamps. Pendant should be set just above the table, which table height from about 50 to 70 cm, the light is not directly irradiated to the appropriate person. It should not be hung high on the ceiling, as if it were full of bright lights, sweeping away the warm and elegant atmosphere. The floor lamp is usually placed on the corner of the sofa. Since it is easy to move and can adjust the height of the lamp shade, it has always been loved by people. The downlight is a light fixture embedded in the ceiling, which can be used as a base lighting and can best show its advantages when guests are served.

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