Keeping money and making money - feng shui learning in dressing table

Dressing table feng shui

Dressers and private money have always been women's special words. People feel that keeping private money and dressing up are all women's issues. In fact, the privilege of keeping private money is definitely not just for women. Modern men and women are looking for equality between men and women. Couples with double-pay incomes are more likely to be found everywhere. More and more men are more willing to spend their time on appearance and decent. There are not a few men with personal dressers. Dressing table itself does not have gender differences, nor does it have a rigid shape. As long as the individual arranges the appearance and puts cosmetics, skin care products, razors, hair styling, silk, combs and other personal items, the cabinet is a dresser and talks about private houses. Money is the same for men and women! One

Dressing table feng shui

In addition, there is no mirror dressing table, it is not easy to play lucky features, because there is no mirror, when the groom can only take a small mirror to use, very inconvenient, and feeling of lack of security. This kind of situation will make people easily panicked and feel that they never have the opportunity to save their own money, because the dressing table's mirror is equivalent to the private money (private) eyes, no eyes, of course, can not find a way to save private money

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