How to maintain the brick?

If there is only a little stain on the surface, Xiao Bian suggests using a normal cotton cloth to solve the problem. The stain is slightly severe. Then, a suitable detergent, such as a cleaning towel, can be wiped. Soap water is also acceptable.
If it is a coffee stain or other colored beverage stain, Xiao Bian recommends using a solution of soda ash for cleaning, so that the stain goes without a trace.
If it is more difficult to pick up the metal rust, Xiao Bian suggests using sulfuric acid chemicals, or hydrochloric acid and other solutions to wipe. If there are no such chemicals in the family, then Xiaobian suggests that the common toothpaste at home can also have a corresponding effect.
If the child is not obedient, the color of the pen is set on the body brick, then, Xiao Bian suggested that directly use toothpaste, wipe back and forth, the color will disappear little by little, from the rich fade, from the body Shallower, knowing that there is no imprint of the pen.
If it is soy sauce, or if it is the ground on which ink has been removed, Xiao Bian recommends using turpentine. As mentioned in the previous article, if you do not prepare these things at home, you can use toothpaste instead.

Whole brick building materials maintenance how to avoid the decoration contract trap door maintenance repair and maintenance

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Floor paint type floor paint how to maintain

Floor paint is made up of many different materials, such as mixing, dissolving, dispersing and many other production processes. According to the different effects of various components of the floor paint, the main film material can be divided into secondary film-forming substances and auxiliary film-forming substances.

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How to maintain an electric grill

Throughout the year, there are always barbecues on the roadside, especially in summer, with hot weather, sitting in barbecue stalls, eating barbecues, blowing the night's cool breeze, not to mention how pleasant it is. In recent years, many people will choose to barbecue The oven will be used for grilling, so today we have a good understanding of the contents of the electric grill.

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How to maintain the inflatable bed inflatable bed

Inflatable bed, I believe we all know very well, it is mainly the use of the characteristics of all-pervasive air, sleep, make the body and bed 100% fit, the human body parts evenly, thus overcoming the traditional bed due to uneven force The blood circulation barrier, also known as healthy beds in foreign air beds. The inflatable bed is free from the cumbersome defects of traditional furniture and can be placed indoors or outdoors. After deflation, the volume is small and the collection is very convenient. It is suitable for many places: such as working families who often move, making beds for home visitors, naps at office lunch breaks, and camping. Therefore, the following Xiaobian will introduce how to maintain the inflatable bed and how to maintain the inflatable bed.

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How to Maintain Aromatherapy Bracelets

Aloes is a spice plant that gets its name because it can sink in water. Its aroma appears to be plentiful and refreshing. Aquilaria has been reliant for centuries, and bracelets have often been used as prayer rituals and have been loved by a large number of collectors. However, the maintenance of aromatherapy bracelets is not a small science. Therefore, the following Xiao Bian introduced to everyone how to maintain and how to identify Shen Xiang bracelets.

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Constellation matching decoration style:

Aries is more suitable for "modern and simple" decoration style

The sheep who like to be fond of the limelight do not want their home style to be consistent with others. The post-modern style emphasizes that the architecture and interior decoration should have a historical continuity, but it is not rigidly adhered to the traditional logical thinking mode, making the entire home environment fashionable and without losing the taste. Aries prefers to host friends at home. This style of decoration allows Aries to face face when it comes to hosting friends.

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Modern minimalist style decor design two bedroom Modern minimalist style decor design two bedroom
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