Wall paint amount calculation method

Wall paint construction area calculation formula: wall paint construction area = (building area × 80% -10) × 3 construction area is the purchase of the area, the actual utilization rate is generally about 80%, the kitchen, bathroom is generally the use of ceramic tiles, In the case of aluminum gussets, the area of ​​this part is mostly 10 square meters. The area derived from this calculation method includes the ceiling. The effect of the ceiling on the construction area of ​​the wall lacquer is not large and may not be taken into consideration. (The result obtained by this formula may be the closest The actual area).

Paint quantity: According to the requirements of standard construction procedures, the thickness of the primer is 30 micrometers. The construction area of ​​the 5 liters primer is generally 65 to 70 square meters; the recommended thickness of the top coat is 60 to 70 micrometers, 5 liters of top coat. The construction area is generally 30 to 35 square meters. The amount of primer = construction area ÷ 70; the amount of topcoat = construction area ÷ 35. When decorating, the painter of the wall paint is usually charged by square meters, but the owner often neglects how to charge the door and window area. Some people think that the area of ​​the door and window is deducted on the line, but it is understood that whether it is a decoration company or not Painters do not remove the door and window area when painting the wall paint, but because the technical difficulty of brushing the door and the window wall is higher, the charge standard is not uniform. It is recommended that the owner should brush the wall paint. It is necessary to negotiate a good price with the construction team so as not to cause disputes afterwards.

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