"Four must-see" to distinguish the merits of colorful paint

First, look at the aqueous solution

After colorful paints are stored for a period of time, the pattern particles will sink and there will be a protective glue solution on the top. Generally about 1/4 of the total amount of colorful paint, wherever a good quality and colorful paint, the protective glue solution appears colorless or yellowish and clearer.

Second, look at floating objects

All good quality and colorful paints are normally free from floating substances on the surface of the protective colloidal water solution, and there is a very small amount of floating color particles, which is normal.

Third, look at the child

Take a transparent glass, fill it with half a glass of clear water, and then take a little colorful paint and put it into a glass of water to stir. Wherever the paint is of good quality, the water in the cup is still clear, the particles are relatively independent in the clean water, and the size of the particles is uniform.

Fourth, look at the sales price

Good quality and colorful paints are produced by the regular manufacturers according to the formula, and the price is moderate; while in the production of poor quality paints, the cost is low and the selling price is cheaper than the good quality and colorful paints.

Paint glass

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