Paint construction should pay attention to a few points

Paint construction should pay attention to a few points

Paint construction is an important "makeup" process. What are the main points of paint construction? Experts believe that the following points should be noted:

1, must be done before the mouth to do the protection of the mouth (such as marble, floor tiles, windowsill, kitchen equipment, etc.).

2. Check whether the original wall surface brush layer has cracks or empty shells before plastering. This phenomenon must be removed and repainted (a large area of ​​empty shell wall must be discussed with the owner to discuss).

3, screw eye after rust treatment with putty scraping bone, seam tight with a thick bandage.

4, wall plaster can not be less than 3 times, 3 to 4 times oil emulsion paint (including closed primer again).

5, latex paint wall surface construction should be done flat wall, vertical corners, beam angle level.

6, after the wallpaper wall plaster first brush moisture paint again, the wallpaper must be relative texture, tight seams, yin and yang angle from the drum phenomenon,

7, the color of putty nails and veneer panels should be basically the same, nail holes filled putty can not invade.

8, veneer oil primer 6 times (including the first pass closed primer), oil finish 1 polishing after polishing (drawings, budgets have special requirements according to the drawings, budget construction).

9. Both the upper string of the door string and the lower part of the window sill must be painted.

10. If there is no veneer veneer in the cabinet, it must be varnished twice.

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