Analysis of Russia's Fastener Market and Analysis of Its Development Characteristics

It is understood that Russia is the second largest export market for fasteners in China, and the share of fasteners in the Russian market is also rising. In 2011, China’s fasteners exported to Russia reached 216,393 tons, a year-on-year increase of 27.3. %, the export value reached 309,521,705 US dollars, an increase of 47.1%. The arrival of the new Putin era is also a good news for the fastener industry. Together with the official approval of Russia for accession to the WTO at the end of last year, tariffs are expected to be lowered and the trading system is more transparent. We think this will help. In China's fastener companies to further tap the Russian market opportunities.

Russia's fastener industry develops an enabling environment:

Russia is also actively preparing and issuing various fastener standards to improve product quality and industry competitiveness. In January 2011, Russia adopted a standard for high-strength bolts for bridges; in July of the same year, the Russian Timber Construction Association issued a new standard for connection design of screws and externally threaded screws for wood construction. Including "Connection Requirements and Test Methods for Nails, Screws, and Threaded Screws," and "Design of Timber Connections for Wood Construction Using Threaded Fasteners"; in 2012, RosMetiz Association of Russia issued the standard for nut manufacturing STO PM 1-1.003-2011 This standard is for threaded nuts with a diameter less than or equal to M16 and a strength rating of 8.

"The current situation of the Russian government is 'to promote the upgrading of Russian fasteners in terms of variety and quality.' In order to expand the variety of Russian fasteners, Russian fastener manufacturers need to do a lot of work, and they are currently enhancing their execution. It's a lot of work."

It is reported that BelZAN, the largest automotive fastener manufacturer in Russia, has been providing fasteners for road construction since 2009 and plans to develop wind power equipment in the future to expand the variety of fasteners and achieve product diversification. The Russian Severstal-Metiz Group also passed the verification of high-strength fasteners for bridge construction. Many fastener factories currently plan to expand their mechanical plant.

As China's fastener industry is formed spontaneously, China has become a major country in the fastener industry worldwide. From production to export sales, it is developing step by step. However, due to the spontaneous formation of the fastener industry in China, it must have its own unique characteristics, namely: small scale, large quantities, and low cost categories.

One is the whole category. From the most primitive processing methods to advanced multi-station cold heading machines, from red to heat-treated and tempered automatic production lines, the fastener industry covers almost all products and processes of the entire industry.

The second is small scale. Fastener companies are rapidly adapting to the ever-changing market demands with their flexible management methods and have achieved rapid development.

The third is more. At present, there are more than 2,200 enterprises in family workshops or couples and small-scale processing booths. This is an unparalleled quantity in any region, and a huge industrial cluster has formed.

The fourth is low cost. All production plants are private companies. The business owners are both factory managers, technicians and salesmen. Enterprises from the management mechanism and cost accounting are incomparable to coastal enterprises.

Although the fastener industry in China is developing rapidly, due to the manual operation of small enterprises, the quality of fastener products is not always in line with the needs of the world. It can also be seen from the ongoing anti-dumping of other fastener products in China. The quality of products plays a decisive role in the survival and development of enterprises and the safety of production and life of the world, and must not be ignored. Modern management, the application of core technology to production is the best way for the development of the fastener industry in China.

With the rapid changes in the economic development mode of the fastener industry, companies have to consider the need to refine the products, improve the technological content, and change the previously extensive production model. There is no backward industry, only backward technology. For fastener companies in our country, it is even more urgent to promote the development of the company through standardization, and we are accustomed to measure our own development by standards. In this way, we will surely feel the unparalleled benefits of standards in the near future. This is the ultimate goal of our learning to use the standard.

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