How to determine the quality of a ceramic tile?

First of all, we can use the hardness to make a symbolic stroke on the surface of the tile. If the sound produced is boring and not harsh, then the density of this tile is proved to be high.
Second, pour it on top of the water. If it gets wet, there is a trace of water, which proves that the quality of this tile is not off.
Finally, with a pen on the top of the tile, if there is stains that cannot be wiped, it proves that this tile is not stain resistant and cannot be purchased.

ceramic tile

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The role of paint in modern home decoration is more and more important. However, there are a variety of paints on the market, and there are many people who use them. Therefore, it is not easy to select environmentally friendly and high quality coatings. The national standards on the paint's various indicators have clear provisions, the average consumer is not very clear about the standard used in the nouns, the following on some special term annotation, hoping to help consumers identify and select satisfactory paint products . Container status: container...

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How to identify a quality laminate flooring?

How to measure the density of laminate flooring, where the examiner teaches everyone a small trick, you can buckle in the edge of the substrate to identify its quality, the poor will be buckled out of small particles, there is a loose feeling. ...

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How to identify a leader in quality clearance?

The faucet light does not mean that it feels good. No matter if you feel that it is awkward or awkward to touch, it means that the assembly structure is not reasonable. Such a faucet may have poor water discharge during use, and may also leak water easily when the water pressure is high...

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In the renovation of the room, switches and sockets must be considered for multiple installations on the wall. The switch structure is very simple. How can we judge the quality? A good product panel is difficult to remove directly by hand, and must use a certain special tool, while the general non-mainstream middle and low-end products are easy to take the cover below by hand, resulting in indecent home and public places. When selecting, use the index finger and thumb to press the cover diagonally to the end point, one end is pressed and held, the other end is pressed hard, the cover is loose,...

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How to identify a quality barrel

1, look at the appearance, work well tub surface is smooth, delicate touch, between the plate and the plate, the barrel and the hoops well. 2, than the weight, the same size, size of the bucket, spruce lighter, oak and cedar wood heavier. 3, look at the certificate, good products have passed quality certification, quality and after-sales service is more assured. 4, see whether the deformation after loading water, good tub because of the selection of good, generally very little deformation, and the poor quality of the tub will appear metal hoop tighten or loose ...

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