Zhengzhou University collaborates with innovation to help develop new materials

After the implementation of the “Innovative Ability Enhancement Plan for Universities”, Zhengzhou University ushered in a major historical opportunity for the new round of reform, innovation and development of higher education. Vice President Gao Danying of Zhengzhou University said: "At present, Zhengzhou University takes the implementation of the '2011 Plan' as an opportunity to aim at the construction needs of the Central Plains Economic Zone and the core common technologies of the industry, to innovate the system and mechanism, to gather innovative elements extensively, and to carry out relevant fields in depth. Forward-looking research, comprehensively promote and carry out collaborative innovation, explore and establish various forms of open, integrated and efficient collaborative innovation mode, lay a foundation for accelerating the construction of high-level universities, and provide strong technical support for the construction of the Central Plains economic zone. The reporter learned from the Scientific Research Department of Zhengzhou University that the school is developing scientific and technological capabilities, promoting innovation, and building four scientific and technological systems of knowledge innovation, technological innovation, theoretical innovation and collaborative innovation. Start with the leading role, actively gather innovative elements and resources, deepen the cultivation and formation of collaborative innovation questions, build innovative mechanism systems, rely on key disciplines and key scientific research institutions or bases, break down institutional barriers and interdisciplinary constraints, and combine internal and external advantages , oriented to the frontier of the discipline, oriented to the text Inheritance and innovation, industry-oriented industries, for regional development, establish long-term resource sharing mechanism, cultivate established 16 university collaborative innovation body, it is among the provincial, national innovation center co-active preparations. The four collaborative innovation centers of “Advanced Materials and Processing”, “Social Management”, “Safety Protection of Water Conservancy and Transportation Infrastructure” and “Chemical Chemoprevention of Cancer” were identified as provincial collaborative innovation centers. In September this year, Liu Tienan, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission and director of the Energy Bureau, went to Henan Tianguan Group to investigate the bioenergy industry. He made a “fibre ethanol industrialization project”, which is a global concern for the bioenergy industry. The project, its development plays a vital role in achieving non-food replacement of fuel ethanol production and on a larger scale and a wider range of alternative development of petrochemical energy.” Evaluation, as the chief engineer of the project, Professor Ma Xiaojian is Zhengzhou University. Director of the Biochemical Center of the School of Chemistry and Energy, since the project signed a cooperation agreement with Zhengzhou University, the two sides have jointly committed to innovative research, overcome technical problems, and constantly make new progress and breakthroughs. Zhengzhou University not only actively builds platforms in school, school and enterprise cooperation, but also actively works to support local economic development and serve the construction of the Central Plains economic zone. The school has established comprehensive cooperative relations with many cities such as Anyang, Shangqiu, Zhoukou and Zhengzhou, and is committed to solving major problems in regional economic and social development. Vice President Wang Zongmin of Zhengzhou University said in an interview with Xinxiang Municipal Government: "School-city cooperation is an initiative for schools to actively integrate into local economic and social development. Mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between schools and cities can continuously improve the school's participation in local economic and social development. And the contribution rate is an important platform for the university to realize the social service function.” With the promulgation of the “Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Supporting Henan Province to Accelerate the Construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone”, the Central Plains Economic Zone officially rose to the national strategy. At the beginning of this year, Henan Province will build Zhengzhou University according to the "985" college standard. The "Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan of Henan Province" was written. Zhengzhou University, as the only "211" engineering college in Henan Province, has entered the fast lane of rapid development in all aspects. Relying on the unique disciplines, rich human resources and profound scientific and technological foundations, we are committed to serving the society and developing the local economy. Under the impetus of building a collaborative innovation platform, we will focus on national strategic needs, especially in combination with the priority development areas, pillar industries and strategic emerging industries in the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone, and vigorously foster the formation of collaborative innovations to achieve a win-win situation for school and local economic development. It provides intellectual security for the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone.

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