How to choose the kitchen ceiling to pay attention to "fire prevention" is the key

In recent days, various business units are learning about fire prevention knowledge. Then, the most attention should be paid to the fire in the home improvement is the kitchen decoration. Now, the kitchen utensils are usually made of tiles or marble, so there is no need to consider the danger of fire, and the owner must pay special attention to the installation of kitchen ceilings .

Aluminum plate and aluminum plate are all fireproof

The ceiling materials on the market are generally PVC plastic gussets, aluminum composite panels, aluminum gussets, which have their own characteristics: PVC plastic gussets in the price is relatively cheap, generally tens of yuan per square meter, although resistant to pollution, Easy to clean but weak in high temperature resistance. Aluminium-plastic panels and aluminum buckle-boards are highly fire-resistant. Aluminum-plastic panels can be arbitrarily cut to size according to their needs, so they are more convenient to use. The aluminum gussets are superior in terms of decoration, so they are more liked by consumers. However, the price range of aluminum gussets is relatively large, ranging from 50 to 60 yuan per square meter to three to four hundred yuan.

How to choose the kitchen ceiling to pay attention to "fire prevention" is the key

How to calculate the price to figure out

Although the material of the ceiling has a clearly marked price on the price tag, it is best for everyone to ask the salesman to ask “is this the final price”? Some time ago, the public Mr. Zhang installed aluminum ceilings at home, Mr. Zhang felt that the store's price was higher, so he went to the building materials market to buy, but when it comes to good price checkout, Mr. Zhang found that the corner and the price of the panel It is calculated separately and the algorithm is also elaborate. For example: 50 yuan per square meter panel, 30 yuan per meter corner, according to common sense everyone thinks that the final should be 50+30=80 yuan per square meter, can actually be a square meter panel to match the side of 2.5 meters to 3 meters The corner line, so that is calculated to be 50 +30 x 3 = 140 yuan per square meter, Mr. Zhang feels like a loss. Therefore, when buying a ceiling, it is best for everyone to ask about the cost of accessories such as corners and keels. Do not behave in a self-righteous manner and blindly choose.

Identification process is very important

Take the most popular aluminum buckle plate on the market as an example. The aluminum buckle plate is mainly sprayed, rolled, and covered. The main difference is that the surface treatment process is different. The cheapest is the paint, more matte, not bright enough, but the price is better; and film this process can draw a variety of styles, so the price is the highest.

Although the price of pearlescent roller-coating plates and film-laminated plates is very different, the surface does not seem to have much difference, so some decoration teams use the method of stealing money to gain profits. Such as: you ordered a film, he gave you a pearl roller coating. The simplest method of identification is to use a flame to darken the surface of the board. The black stain on the film can easily be wiped off, and how the grinded board will leave more or less traces.

The kitchen ceiling is best installed combustible gas detector

So, in the installation of the ceiling while the ordinary residential kitchen also need to install any equipment to prevent accidental fire? The person in charge of the fire-fighting equipment company, relevant person in charge of Dalian Jinyuan Fire-fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. said: “The nozzle of the automatic sprinkler is not expensive, but the installation cost of the automatic sensor sprinkler is relatively high, mainly because the monitoring equipment is expensive. It is generally more than 100,000 yuan, so it is not suitable for individual families, and it is more suitable for public places such as hotels and shopping malls."

However, industry insiders said that ordinary houses could instead be equipped with flammable gas detectors, especially for elderly people living alone. If they forget to turn off the gas, when the kitchen gas reaches a certain concentration, the detector will sing and the owner will It is easier to find problems earlier, which greatly reduces the possibility of poisoning and spontaneous combustion. In addition, the price of combustible gas detectors is also relatively cheap, find installation workers to install, the cost of the detector plus the installation fee is generally between 150 to 200 yuan.

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