Introduction to ferroalloy

Ferroalloys (English) Ferroalloys, an intermediate alloy of iron and one or several elements, mainly used in steel smelting. In the steel industry, all intermediate alloys for steel making, whether iron or not (such as silicon calcium alloy), are generally referred to as "iron alloys". It is customary to include certain pure metal additives and oxide additives.

About Gasoline Water Pump

Portable Gasoline Water Pump

The centrifugal pump Which doesn't need full of water in pipeline previously can draw the water in is called Self-priming water pump, it compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance, it applies to Civil environmental protection, architecture, chemical industry, farming irrigation, pharmacy. Their working principle: suction of the air into pump, strong mixed air and liquid and come into separation chamber, the air is separated and exited out, but the water is still mixed with the air recycled, the air is discharged out gradually, then water come into pump, completed the process of the self priming.

Slop water pump (also sewage water pump) is a kind of pump with self priming and pollution clean, strong discharging ability, without clogging, energy conservation, continuous operation, simple installment, it applies to public works, industry, hospital, building, hotel and restaurant, reconstruction. Its working principle as follows: it`s the same with other pump, consists two big core parts pressurized-water chamber and impeller, its anti-clogging ability, efficiency is high or less, corrosion resistance will be decided by the Function of two core parts.

High Pressure Water Pump

High-pressure pump: we provide it on the technical parameters of suction discharge port diameter 40mm(1.5inch) and 50mm(2inch), head lift is on 55m and 65m, max suction head is on 8m. air-cooled Gasoline Engine type is in single cylinder, 4-stroke, rated speed 3600rpm.   
Features of gasoline water pump:

1. handy Type with very low shaking
2. 2.8 to 12 HP with hand or electric start motor
3. Fuel consumption ratio is between 280 to 450g/kw.h
4. Engine cooling system: air-cooled, single cylinder, 4 -stroke

Gasoline Water Pump

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