Labor Insurance Stores Selling Fire Products Dongying Fire Fighting According to Law

November 26 In order to prevent counterfeit and infringing fire-fighting equipment from entering the market and thereby protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the Dongying Fire Brigade teamed up with the industry and commerce, quality inspection and other departments to form a joint inspection team to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the city's fire-fighting equipment retail stores and counterfeiting. And unqualified fire-fighting products are legally collected. On November 22, the inspection team discovered during inspection that a labor insurance shop did not sell fire-fighting equipment without authorization, and law enforcement officers collected all fire-fighting equipment on the spot to warn them.

In this inspection, the departments of fire protection, industry and commerce, quality inspection and other departments have inspected whether the fire-fighting equipment in each fire-fighting equipment retail store has a market access certificate; whether the fire-fighting equipment operator has the legal business entity qualification; whether the purchase channel of the fire-fighting equipment is regular or not. Whether the product quality is qualified, whether there is a product inspection report issued by a statutory inspection agency; whether the operator strictly enforces the cable claim ticketing system, whether to provide sales tickets to consumers, and whether there are sales records for fire equipment.

When conducting inspections, most business households can strictly enforce the system of cable ticket verification and stock inspection. The quality of the fire equipment purchased is in conformity with the standard for sales of goods and the daily supervision work is in place. During the inspection, it was discovered that a newly opened labor insurance product store had not been registered, and it was not known whether or not the fire fighting equipment was qualified, and the joint inspection personnel collected the fire fighting equipment according to law.

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