Ceramic sanitary industry 2013 challenges both opportunities and challenges

Ceramic sanitary industry 2013 challenges both opportunities and challenges At present, the economy is facing many challenges. China is learning and understanding the spirit of the Chinese Communist Party, and is striving to create a new well-off society by creating a well-off society. The construction and sanitation sector in China has faced a shortage of domestic and foreign demand, and there has been a marked over-capacity in terms of regional, structural, productivity, and production. Structural pressures, energy conservation, emission reductions, resources, and environmental pressure continue to increase, and production and operating costs have increased significantly. There are many difficulties and challenges in international trade protection and various trade frictions, domestic and foreign market competitions, etc. However, in the new situation, the development of urban agglomerations, urbanization, and affordable housing construction have been further accelerated, expanding all aspects of domestic demand. Major measures have been further implemented. The overall structure of the world economy and the building ceramics sanitary ware industry are undergoing and will continue to undergo profound changes.

These new conditions all lead to the “people-oriented” and comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the construction ceramics sanitary ware industry in China, and further accelerate the transition to a resource-saving, friendly-friendly and high-quality and high-efficiency development mode, and further adjust and optimize the products. Technology, technology, equipment, enterprise organization, production capacity distribution and market layout, and Other aspects, further increase energy conservation and emission reduction, full-scale continuous independent innovation and international brand building efforts, and further enhance the enterprise and industry intensification, informatization, and internationalization. Modern management levels, etc., bring new opportunities for development.

Relevant industries should learn to understand and implement the spirit of the Chinese Communist Party, take the scientific concept of development as the guide, follow the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" for the development of the building sanitary ceramics industry, and the key points of the 2013 work of the Institute of Ceramics, closely linked to the scientific development. The eternal problem insists on scientific development as the top priority, insists on comprehensive and continuous independent innovation and scientific and technological progress as the first productive force, insists on the use of human resources as the primary resource, and insists on adjustments, optimizations, upgrades, products, technical equipment, and production capacity. Structures such as layout and market layout are the main targets for accelerating the transformation of development methods, insisting on scientific and technological progress as an important support for accelerating the transformation of development methods, and persisting in better satisfying the increasing demand of consumers and consumers of architectural ceramic sanitary ware products and services at home and abroad. The diversified needs of growth and upgrading, as the fundamental starting point and end result of accelerating the transformation of development methods, insist on the construction of resource-conserving, environment-friendly, high-quality and high-efficiency enterprises and industries as the focal point for accelerating the transformation of development methods, and insisting that reform and opening up be the Accelerate the transformation of the powerful mode of development and further Clearing the situation, making concerted efforts, pioneering and innovating, seizing only opportunities, overcoming challenges, continuing innovations in ideas and culture, creativity and design R&D and innovation, process technology and equipment innovation, product innovation and promotion, and supply and demand dynamic basic balance, marketing model and system Innovation, standardization, standardization, innovation and implementation, industrial supporting improvement and industrial chain extension and improvement, improvement of intensification and informatization and internationalization level, structural adjustment, optimization and upgrading, energy saving and emission reduction, brand building, talent team building, credit system construction, optimization We will continue to innovate and achieve greater progress in various aspects such as improving various institutional mechanisms and comprehensive management, and effectively promote the comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable, and scientific and harmonious development of China's architectural ceramics sanitary ware industry, and realize both the building ceramic sanitary ware industry in China as soon as possible. Big and strong and make unremitting efforts.

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