Common faults in electric fans are too maintenance tips

cause of issue

1, poor maintenance, long-term lack of lubricants. The fan shaft part is to ensure that there is oil, otherwise the motives on the fan blades cannot be dragged. If you are at home, you can choose to turn off the power, then move the blade, if the rotation is stiff, basically there is no lubricant.

2. Wear caused by long time. If a fan is used for a long time, the motor will be worn out and the bushing of the motor will burn off easily after it has worn out.

3. The fan caused by overheating does not turn. There is a motor in the fan's device. There is a thermal circuit breaker in the motor. If a short circuit occurs in the coil winding, the heat will increase in a short time. In this case, the motor will "strike".

4. The starting capacitor capacity becomes smaller. When the fan is used for a long time, the capacity of the capacitor will decrease, causing the motor starting torque to become small and unable to drive the load.

5. Electrical faults, such as line damage.

Electric fan does not transfer maintenance

1. Many times, the cause of the fan blades not turning is a problem of poor maintenance. If you turn the power and turn the blade to turn stiff after turning off the power, you should use some lubricant to drip into the shaft so that it can be lubricated without affecting the motive to drag the blades.

2, for the blade caused by wear does not rotate, the simplest is to replace the parts, especially the bushing, if it is easy to burn after wear.

3. If the capacitor capacity becomes smaller and the fan does not turn, you can remove the capacitor and replace it with a new capacitor of the same model. It is recommended to select 20% larger than the original capacitor, which will have a better turning effect.

4. If the axial clearance of the rotating shaft is too large, you can choose to adjust the gasket after disassembling the motor. But remember that when installing the motor back, be careful that the rotor must be concentric with the bearing. Lubricate the screws slowly and diagonally. Finally, use a wooden handle to knock the shaft to ensure it is concentric.

5. If it is because of electrical failure, you can check the wiring of each line, sometimes the wire is damaged, etc., you can repair the problem.


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