Infant and child appliances purchase has a coup

Bottle sterilizer

Bottle sterilizer is a device specially used to disinfect baby's bottle, tableware and toys. It can be divided into boiled sterilizer, steam sterilizer, microwave sterilizer and UV sterilizer according to the disinfection method.

The boiled bottle sterilizer is sterilized by a conventional boiling method. The principle is to boil the water to 100 ° C and sterilize the bottle by high temperature. This disinfection method is suitable for disinfecting vessels with a high temperature resistance of 120 ° C or higher.

The steam bottle sterilizer is a 100 ° C high temperature steam sterilizing bottle and small accessories, which is the most widely used disinfection method.

The drying bottle sterilizer is a sterilizer with drying function. The drying method is divided into two types: one is to draw the bottle from the outside to blow the bottle, and the other is to use the internal thermal vortex to dry without pumping. Into the outside air to blow dry the bottle. These products usually have a timed sterilization function.

The microwave bottle sterilizer itself does not have any disinfection function. It is actually just a device for holding a bottle. It can also be called a bottle sterilization box. The bottle is sterilized by heating it in a microwave oven to generate water vapor.

Ultraviolet bottle sterilizers are sterilized by ultraviolet rays. These products are suitable for disinfecting bottles and components with high light transmission, and there is no requirement for the temperature resistance of the utensils.

Regardless of the bottle sterilizer, consumers should pay attention to the following when purchasing:

1. It is not advisable to choose a split type because the disinfection pot has poor sealing performance and the cleaning time is shorter than the integrated type.

2. The disinfection time should meet the national tableware standard and it takes more than 10 minutes.

3. The electric heating plate should be open, and the hidden type cannot remove the scale.

4. The material of the electric heating plate should be stainless steel, and the aluminum material is easy to rust and perforate.

5. For one-button control, timer control is inconvenient.

Infant hair clipper

Parents with babies know that giving haircuts to children, especially babies, is a big problem. Do it yourself, because there is no hairdressing experience, I am afraid that it is not good, it is not convenient to go out for a haircut, and I am worried about health problems. If there is a baby hair clipper, it is much more convenient. At present, there are many brands of baby hair clippers on the market, and there are many appearances. How should we choose?

1. Should choose the products of big brands, such products have certain quality guarantee.

2. To choose a product with good mute effect. Usually the haircut for the child is after the child is asleep, if they are awake, it will definitely not let you know.

3. The cutter head should be selected to prevent rust. You should also choose a three-dimensional cutter head to avoid hurting your baby. In addition, the cutter head should be cleaned, that is, it can be removed.

4. It is best to buy a product with a positioning comb function, so that you can not only shave the head, but also choose how long to keep the hair.

Warm milk

The baby is not obedient, and the milk that has just been washed is not drunk. When the baby wants to drink milk and is cold, if the baby is hot, then the baby is waiting to drink. Don't worry, this time the warm milk device will come in handy. For moms, this time the warm milk is a great savior. So, how to buy a good warm milk device? Professionals pointed out the following 6 points:

1. The inner cavity should be larger than 7.5 cm, and the wide-mouth bottle can not be placed.

2. The depth of the lumen should be greater than 8 cm, otherwise the bottle will show a large section, the heat dissipation is fast, and the temperature does not go up.

3. The temperature control range should be 40 °C-100 °C, low temperature for warm milk, medium temperature for heating rice paste, high temperature for disinfecting nipples and other small pieces.

4. The heating power is 60 watts - 120 watts. If the power is too small, warm milk and warm milk can not be realized, and hot milk can not be used. If the power is too large, the plastic casing is easily deformed and aged, especially the electric heating wire ring heating structure is used for a long time. At a high temperature of 100 ° C.

5. The electric heating body should be open, hidden and dirty, and even the product will not work properly due to excessive scale.

6. To purchase a warm milk machine, you must choose a large manufacturer brand product, the quality is guaranteed.

Wireless baby monitor

For the new father and mother, the children's every move is extremely concerned, keep abreast of the child's situation, and make their hearts more practical, has always been the desire of young parents. Nowadays, with the development of electronic technology, this has become a reality, and the realization of young parents' desire is the wireless baby monitor. However, as a high-tech baby appliance, you must pay attention to the following points when purchasing and using:

1. Distinguish the product model. Baby monitors are divided into three types according to the use environment and function. Mom and Dad should choose the correct style according to the actual conditions and usage requirements of the family: First, the ordinary wireless type, suitable for parents to stay at home to take care of the baby. In the same room, you need to pay attention to their behavior when doing housework or labor; the second is direct-recording, suitable for parents to go out to work or activities, only the nanny cares at home, but wants to know the situation at home; the third is network type, It is suitable for only one baby at home, I hope to see the situation at home at any place where I can access the Internet or have a mobile phone signal.

2. Pay attention to the transmitted signal. Wireless baby monitors on the market are classified into digital signals and analog signals according to different signal propagation modes. Where economic conditions permit, it is recommended to purchase a baby monitor that uses analog signals because digital signals are more susceptible to cracking data and interference with other wireless devices.

3. Select the power supply method. Commonly used power supply methods for baby monitors include AC power, built-in lithium battery power, and normal disposable dry battery power. Most products support two or more power supply methods. Here, users are advised to prioritize and use products that support lithium-ion battery power. Because foreign countries have used AC power supply and the cable is wrapped around the baby's neck, causing suffocation. The case of death. The standby life of ordinary disposable dry batteries is too short.

4. Pay attention to the distance used. Nowadays more and more families are living in large-sized rooms, even multi-storey villas, and baby monitors with powerful signal reception capabilities provide a more convenient way for these families to use. Parents no longer need to be able to see clearly. The children's every move is dedicated to the room next to the children, they can even go out with the control terminal for a short walk.

(Wang Feng)

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