Main components of the hair dryer

Although there are many types of hair dryers, the structure is similar. They are composed of a casing, a handle, a motor, a fan blade, an electric heating element, a windshield, a switch, and a power cord. The role of each part of the hair dryer:

1, the shell

It protects the internal parts and is an external decorative part.

2, motor and fan blades

The motor is housed in the housing and the vane is mounted on the shaft end of the motor. When the motor rotates, air is taken in by the air inlet, and the air is blown out by the air outlet.

3, electric heating elements

The electric heating element of the hair dryer is made of electric heating wire and is installed at the air outlet of the hair dryer. The wind discharged by the motor is heated by the electric heating wire at the air outlet to be sent by hot air. Some hair dryers are equipped with a thermostat near the electric heating element, and when the temperature exceeds the predetermined temperature, the circuit is cut off to protect.

4, windshield

Some hair dryers have a circular windshield at the air inlet to adjust the air intake. A hair dryer without a circular windshield can also adjust the amount of air intake by covering a part of the air inlet with a piece of paper. The amount of air intake is small, the wind blown out is relatively hot, the amount of air entering is large, and the wind blown out is not too hot. It should be noted that the tuyere cannot be blocked too much, otherwise the motor will be damaged or the electric heating element will be burnt out due to excessive temperature.

5, switch

The hair dryer switch generally has three positions of “hot air”, “cold wind” and “stop”. Common white means “stop”, red means “hot air” and blue means “cold wind”.

Some electric heating elements of the hair dryer are composed of two or three electric heating wires for adjusting the temperature and are controlled by the selection switch.

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