Multi-layer color pattern exterior wall coating

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The multi-layer pattern exterior wall coating is a new type of architectural coating with aggregates based on acrylate emulsion and polymer materials. It is divided into three types: bottom glaze coating, skeleton coating and glaze coating. The glaze coating acts to seal the surface of the substrate while increasing the bonding between the aggregate and the substrate. The skeleton material is a layer formed by the coating and is a main component, which increases the durability, water resistance and strength of the spray coating. The glaze material is a surface layer of a spray-coated coating in which various light-resistant color pigments are added to impart a soft color to the surface layer. According to different needs, the deep layer is divided into two types: light and flat light. The glaze material acts to beautify the deep layer of spray and increase the durability.

It has good weather resistance; it has good penetration effect on the wall surface, and it is firmly combined; it can be used under zero temperature and below. It is convenient to construct and can adopt various spraying processes; it can be configured into various colors according to requirements.

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