Anti-theft door companies need to improve quality and continuously innovate

Anti-theft door companies need to improve quality and continuously innovate Is homogeneity serious? Improper mimicry It is reported that as early as the 97th Spring Canton Fair, the door of Milan Ruisile Door & Window Co., Ltd.'s Milan family security entrance door was copied by a well-known domestic company Panpan Door Industry, and later passed through Shanghai Ruisile Door & Window Co., Ltd. The complaints were that all the imitation exhibitors were sealed. Not only that, in recent years, the Yongwu Industrial Belt, where the production of security doors has been concentrated, has also been confused by the “low” character. Product homogeneity, intense competition, and low technology tend to increase the operating costs of enterprises and limit the security doors. The further development.

After detailed market research, the author found that these homogenized products are mostly low quality imitations, even playing a simple “word game”. For example, the concept of security doors was artificially replaced with security doors, flood doors, protective doors, steel doors, etc., which do not have anti-theft functions, and they are sold as anti-theft doors when sold. Some unclear consumers are easily deceived, and the difference between genuine and fake security doors is easily captured by unscrupulous merchants.

This kind of low-quality imitation wind has made many companies want to take the high-end market, but almost every new product will attract numerous imitators. Even some products have not yet reached scale production. People have already entered the market as the main products. Now. In this way, the enthusiasm of the manufacturers who are willing to take the R&D route has been severely dampened. The hard-to-develop new products are easily occupied by others, which is tantamount to predecessors planting trees and enjoying the cool. From this point of view, these low-quality imitators have become the main culprit in the homogenization of the anti-theft door market. Companies that take the low-quality imitation route are often smaller in scale, lack research and development funds, and lack technological innovation talents. Low-quality imitation allows them to get rid of the limitations of these conditions, directly opportunistic gain. However, when a large number of homogenized products flood the market and exceed the affordability of the market itself, it will inevitably cause these small companies to fall into another deeper dilemma. The price war is inevitable and corporate profits will become thinner and thinner. Not only is it a security door enterprise, but also in other industries' markets, "homogenization" is spreading like a **. The first drug use will feel physical pleasure. It will take a long time to hurt the internal organs and it will be the enterprise itself. So, how can we change the low quality imitation into product innovation?

Any kind of product innovation is based on the improvement of existing product advantages. The new product adds a certain function, or is just an improvement on the past product defects. The new product is always more suitable for consumers. demand. Since the imitation of inferior quality is impossible, why not take another high-quality imitation? That is to say, imitation and innovation are the main principles, and technical innovation is accumulated in a down-to-earth manner. An innovative team of talents. This is especially useful for small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have the capability of independent technological innovation.

Taking consumer demand as the development direction When the anti-theft door industry has experienced more than ten years of development, more and more companies have been demanding for their own production, and the market has continued to develop. The direction derived from customer needs is actually the security industry. Indicator light. If enterprises want to gain the favor of the market, they must treat the customer's needs as the needs of the company. The demand of consumers should be deemed as the trend of the development of security doors. At the same time, the company’s brand connotation must be invisible and overall. Spread out. Only companies that take care of consumers' feelings and corporate personality can stand in the industry for a long time and gain brand status.

The brands that have entered the hypermarkets are all brands that investigate the external situation. Even some brands launched activities to fill out gifts for better investigation. There are also brands ingenuity launched, "my security door I DIY" activity. One of the security door brand experience museum staff told the investigators, consumers in the process of purchasing security doors, there will be the need for transparency in the production process, after all, the security door is also customized. They feel that good plates, good manufacturers, and environmentally friendly products should all be monitored by consumers. It may be that these points are the new requirements of the company's future marketing.

Anti-theft door companies seeking development should conduct effective research on the anti-theft door market, and comprehensively analyze the research data to understand what consumers want and what they need in order to “educate” consumers and guide consumers in future marketing efforts. To better tap potential consumer needs.

For example, senior managers of companies can directly face consumers, engage with consumers, communicate with them face-to-face, and strive to create "consumer value." Then, according to the results of the research, combined with their own actual capabilities and market conditions, they will take measures: “I have no people, I have excellent people, I am new, I will change,” guiding consumers’ potential consumerism. New psychological needs and make them feel satisfied.

Quality is an eternal topic of consumer demand. Whoever controls the quality of security products will be able to grasp the future mainstream consumer market. Therefore, in product manufacturing, we must focus on product quality, strive for excellence, and oppose sloppy manufacturing, and advocate using good materials to make good products.

In short, in today's homogenization of security door products, security door manufacturers must continue to develop differentiated products based on the needs of consumers. In the use of wood-based panels to be targeted for product appeal for environmental protection, fashion, quality, and constantly develop differentiated products, so as to dominate the future of the mainstream consumer market.

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