Demolition of refractories

Refractory materials are used in thermal kiln furnaces and must be removed when a certain service life is reached. During use, the high-temperature materials in the kiln come into contact with the lining for a long time. They undergo chemical reactions with the lining, as well as the physical effects of infiltration, diffusion and dissolution, resulting in deterioration or erosion of the inner lining of the kiln, and sometimes adhesion of the surface of the refractories after use. Blocked slag, even infiltrated into the interior of the refractory, forms inclusions. In particular, different refractories are used in different parts of the kiln, resulting in different kiln lining deterioration or erosion. On the other hand, the environment around the kiln is different. In the dismantling process, the use of post refractories is inevitable. Adhere to impurities, dust, and adulterants. Therefore, in the process of dismantling the kiln, it should be carefully dismantled, and it is better to dismantle it layer by layer, and to separate the refractories after use. During the dismantling process, do not mix or stick the surrounding mud and debris to the used refractory materials to reduce the high-temperature properties. This will affect the use of post-refractory materials mixed together, which makes it difficult to regenerate after use. High value-added products.

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