Ministry of Commerce: Strive for foreign trade growth rate and GDP synchronization this year

Summary of Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang at a regular 16 press conference that in 2012, global trade grew by only 2.5% in the case of China's foreign trade to achieve 6.2% growth, such growth is to it Not easy, it can be said that the world's major trade...
Shen Danyang, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce, said at a regular press conference on the 16th that in 2012, when global trade only increased by about 2.5%, China’s foreign trade achieved a growth of 6.2%. This growth rate is hard to come by. It can be said that it is the best performer among the major trades in the world.

According to the latest statistics from the customs, in 2012, China’s total import and export value was 3,866.76 billion US dollars, an increase of 6.2% compared with the same period of the previous year. Among them, exports were US$ 20,489.3 billion, up 7.9%; imports were US$ 1,818.83 billion, up 4.3%; trade surplus was US$ 231.1 billion, up 48.1%.

"The world economic situation in 2012 was a downturn, basically close to our pre-judgment at the beginning of the year. But last year's European debt crisis further deteriorated, and there are other complicated factors that have intensified the downturn in China's external demand. Exceeding our expectations. Shen Danyang said that under such circumstances, last year's global trade volume, according to the World Trade Organization, the global trade volume in 2012 will only increase by 2.5% or lower, 5% increase over 2011. It has dropped by 2.5 percentage points. Compared with the average annual growth rate of 6% in the past 15 years, the growth rate in 2012 has been greatly reduced.

“In the case of global trade growth of only 2.5% in 2012, China’s foreign trade has achieved a growth of 6.2%. It should be said that such growth is very hard-won, or it can be said to be the best in the world’s major trade. Shen Danyang said.

According to the statistics of the World Trade Organization, in the first three quarters, China’s share of global trade increased to 11.08%, an increase of 0.61 percentage points from 10.47% in 2011. Shen Danyang said that what is more commendable is that China's foreign trade has achieved steady growth, which was obtained under the circumstances of further transformation of foreign trade development mode and further optimization of foreign trade structure.

Shen Danyang said that the foreign trade situation this year will still be affected by the "three big mountains" such as external demand, cost and trade environment. Although the State Council has issued a series of policies and measures to stabilize foreign trade growth since last year, the role will be further revealed, but due to external demand. The problem of insufficient and poor trade environment is difficult to solve, so the overall situation of foreign trade in 2013 is still grim.

For the 2013 foreign trade growth target, Shen Danyang said that in accordance with the requirements of the Central Economic Work Conference, strive to keep the growth rate of the country's foreign trade and GDP growth in general, to further stabilize and expand the share of international trade.

It is worth noting that the data shows that the foreign trade surplus in 2012 was 231.1 billion US dollars. Shen Danyang said that although the trade surplus has increased, first, the growth of the surplus has a lot to do with the current situation of China's imported goods structure and the decline in the import prices of bulk commodities. Among them, the volume of trade in imports is actually growing, but the price has dropped. Second, the size of the surplus accounted for about 2.8% of last year's GDP, and it is still within the internationally recognized reasonable range.

In addition, Shen Danyang pointed out that China is also trying to expand imports. Data show that China imported nearly $1.82 billion last year and remains the second largest importer in the world. In 2011, China was the first or second largest export market in 78 countries. After the financial crisis, the proportion of China's goods trade imports to world goods imports rose from 7.9% in 2009 to 9.55% in 2011. These figures have increased in 2012, which also shows that the Chinese government attaches great importance to imports, China. Imports have played an important role in promoting the global economic recovery.

Shen Danyang also said that this year the Ministry of Commerce should take measures according to the requirements of the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening Imports to Promote Balanced Development of Foreign Trade" issued by the State Council last year and published on the Internet, and strive to achieve balanced development of foreign trade.

Finally, he pointed out that the Ministry of Commerce should focus on three measures: First, promote the implementation of relevant supporting measures, and use fiscal, financial and other policy instruments to expand the scale of imports. The second is to strengthen the construction of the import promotion system, including supporting the holding of exhibitions such as the African Commodities Exhibition and the South Asian Commodities Exhibition, and organizing enterprises to carry out import trade promotion activities overseas. The third is to steadily expand the pilot program of import trade promotion and innovation demonstration zones, and to play the role of the import trade agglomeration zone in the radiation and driving of imports from surrounding areas.

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