Hand dryer classification and purchase guide

Automatic induction high-speed hand dryers are advanced and ideal sanitary equipment for food manufacturers, which can bring clean, hygienic, safe and pollution-free hand drying effects. When washing your hands, extend your hands under the air outlet of the automatic induction high-speed hand dryer. The automatic hand dryer will automatically send high-speed warm air, quickly dry your hands quickly, and automatically stop working when you leave the hand dryer outlet to achieve rapid drying. Hand and hygiene requirements to prevent cross-infection of bacteria.

Then, how do food manufacturers purchase automatic induction hand dryers? When purchasing hand dryers, food owners should decide which type of hand dryers to buy according to their own needs and environmental factors; High-speed hand dryers are not the ideal choice before waiting in the clean room.

Hand dryer heating device

The heating device has a heating device, a PTC, and a heating wire.

1, no heating device, as the name suggests no heating device

It is suitable for places where temperature requirements are harsh and where dry hand dryers are used frequently. For example, fast-frozen vegetables and quick-frozen dumplings will be packed.

2, PTC heating

The PTC thermistor is heated, because the power of the PTC heating changes with the change of the ambient temperature. In winter, the heating power of the PTC increases, and the temperature rise of the warm air blown by the hand dryer increases, saving energy and protecting the environment.

The PTC is characterized by a good temperature stability, but it also has certain disadvantages, that is, there is no heating wire temperature coming up quickly.

3, heating wire heating

The traditional electric heating wire heats up, the wind temperature rises fast, but the wind temperature is constant, the wind temperature is high, and the opponent has a burn.

The high-speed hand dryer adopts the method of heating wire plus CPU and temperature sensor control to achieve a fast and constant increase in wind temperature. Even when the wind speed is as high as 100 m/s, the hand dryer can blow a constant warm wind.

Generally, the noise of the hand dryer, which is supplemented by wind-based heating, is relatively large, while the heat-drying mobile phone, which is mainly heated, is less noisy, and the enterprise can choose according to its actual situation.

Hand dryer motor type

The motor is one of the core components of the automatic induction high-speed hand dryer. The forms are: capacitor asynchronous motor, shaded pole motor, series excitation motor, DC motor and Permanent Magnet motor. Capacitor asynchronous motors, shaded pole motors, and DC motor driven hand dryers have the advantage of low noise, while series induction motors and permanent magnet motor driven automatic induction high speed hand dryers have the advantage of large air volume.

How to choose a hand dryer

1. Shell: The shell material not only determines the appearance of the hand dryer, but the unqualified material may become a fire hazard. The better dry cell phone casing is usually made of stainless steel, stainless steel paint, and engineering plastics (ABS).

It is recommended that the food industry choose the color of the 304 stainless steel, or the ABS engineering plastic color dry cell phone.

2, weight: If you want to consider whether the installation location and materials have enough capacity to withstand the weight of automatic hand dryers, for example: cement brick wall can generally not consider the weight problem, but if it is color steel plate, gypsum board and other materials should consider bearing Capacity issues, color steel plates usually have to listen to the opinions of color steel plate manufacturers, or dry cell phone manufacturers provide test data reference.

3, color: dry cell phone color is more abundant, usually white and stainless steel color is the best choice for food factories, if you must consider environmental factors, stainless steel paint is also a good choice.

4, the starting principle: manual timing switch, infrared sensing, light blocking induction. The latter two are non-contact sensing methods. It is recommended that the food factory adopt the latter two types of dry cell phones, which can effectively avoid cross infection.

5, installation method: bracket installation, wall-mounted installation, and can be used directly on the desktop

a) can be bracket mounted and wall mounted

Usually, the bracket installation method is the second choice when the wall can not meet the installation conditions, and the other is to adopt the conditions that are unique to the cleaning requirements of the wall. The bracket is mounted with flexible movement and convenient use. (DIHOUR, Voith and other hand dryers are suitable for the above two installation methods)

b) It is recommended to install on the wall in most cases, so that it is stable and durable.

c) The hand dryer placed directly on the desktop has such characteristics, it is placed on the desktop for easy management, and it can be used at the time of use (DH2630T, HS-8515C and other hand dryers can be used like this)

6. Working noise: The smaller the better, the better the speed of the dry hand.

7, running power:: Under the conditions that can meet the dry hand speed and maintain comfort, the lower the better.

8, dry hands time: the shorter the better, preferably within 10 seconds (the same time with the use of paper towels).

9, standby current: the smaller the better.

10. Wind temperature: It is usually appropriate to choose a hand dryer with a wind temperature between 35 degrees Celsius and 45 degrees Celsius. It does not waste electricity and does not feel uncomfortable.

Suggestions for purchasing hand dryers:

When buying auto-sensing high-speed hand dryers, don't just look at the price of the mobile phone itself. Although some dry phones are very cheap, they are difficult to control the power consumption when they are powered by a tiger. Or it is inconvenient to use. It is better to buy a good time or energy. Try to buy after trying, and now many small dry cell phone manufacturers use dry cell phones made of inferior materials, the shell deformation occurs after continuous use for a long time, there are serious fire hazards.

Hand dryer

Heating-based and high-speed air drying

Heating-based hand dryers usually have a relatively large heating power of more than 1000W, while the motor power is very small, less than 200W. The typical characteristics of this hand dryer is that the wind temperature is high and the wind is relatively high temperature. The water on the handle is taken away. This way the hand is slower, generally more than 30 seconds. It is a little noise, so it is favored by office buildings and other quiet spaces.

High-speed wind-type hand dryer, characterized by very high wind speed, up to 130 m / s or more, dry hand speed of less than 10 seconds, heating power is also relatively low, only a few hundred watts, its heating function is only to maintain comfort Degree, basically does not affect the speed of the dry hand. Because of the fast speed of hand dryers, it has been welcomed by food factories, pharmaceutical factories, electronic factories, high-end office buildings (good sound insulation), etc., because of the low energy consumption, and the speed of hand dryers is similar, it is recommended by environmentalists. .

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