When the home is closed, the decoration will be solved after the Spring Festival.

“The tiles that have just arrived have been broken a few times, and the dealers and factories have started to take a holiday. What should I do?” “The renovation was over, and the two days found a bit of cracks. Will the decoration company be reluctant? ”

Recently, many owners have reported to the Jinling Evening News Weekly, which is close to the year-end. They have encountered the quality of decoration or materials. They can decorate the company and the dealers to have a holiday. How to solve the problem? Are they still paying in the next year?

Tiles found damaged after receipt

Mr. Wu, who lives in Xianlin, told us that the tiles received recently have been damaged a lot. The dealers were told that the products were shipped directly from the factory, and this week the factory was on holiday and could not be processed.

Mr. Wu told reporters that in order to start work early in the year, his own purchase of tiles, flooring and other materials have been shipped to his home in recent days, because he is not ready to use, he will not open the package, but the goods Stacked in the corner. A few days ago, he took a friend to see the home construction site, opened one of the bags, and found that several tiles appeared cracked, and several packages were opened one after another. Such problems existed.

Mr. Wu immediately contacted the dealer, but was told that the goods were shipped directly from the factory, there were unified transportation measures, whether they were problems during the transportation process, they were not sure, and Mr. Wu did not open at the time. The package check was received, and it is reasonable to say that there are problems that are not related to the supplier.

The wall that has just been brushed has cracks

Ms. Xu’s home renovation project was completed. According to the contract, the remaining projects will be completed in early March after the spring. In the past two days, Ms. Xu opened the window and breathed the door, but found that the new brush wall showed signs of cracking.

Ms. Xu told the reporter that she had listened to a friend and introduced the decoration company. Now she still has a certain reputation in Nanjing. They have done a good job in the construction before, and there are not many problems. "This time I accidentally found a crack in the wall. I was very nervous. I don't know if it was caused by construction problems or improper ventilation of my window." Ms. Xu said that she had contacted the decoration company but learned that The decoration workers have been on vacation, and they could not help her before the year. They have to wait for years.

Have problems to obtain evidence in time

Recently, many readers have told us that they have encountered similar situations with Mr. Wu and Ms. Xu. It is not so easy to solve because of the “carding” year.

The reporters respectively called Mr. Wu to buy ceramic tile dealers and Ms. Xu’s home improvement company. The tile dealers said that because Mr. Wu did not raise objections when receiving the goods, they could not verify the damage of the tiles because of who The reason is that they are unable to make a commitment to replace this, and it is recommended that Mr. Wu communicate on this matter after the year. The home improvement company told reporters that there are many reasons for the cracking of the wall. Ms. Xu can take photos first, and after consultation with the project manager in the future, there should be no problem for repainting the wall.

The reporter consulted the relevant experts of the Consumers Association of Jiangsu Province. They said that when purchasing materials, consumers must carefully check and accept the goods when they are received. If there is any damage, the number of damages must be kept, documents, pen records or photographs. Forensics, and the problems in the decoration, timely photo-taking and communication with the construction party is indispensable. Especially in the year of the year, this awareness is even more important.

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