Development of tungsten halogen lamps

In 1959, people discovered the tungsten halogen cycle principle and produced a tungsten halogen lamp, which injected new vitality into the heat radiation source. The lamp has a small volume, the light maintenance rate is over 95%, and the light efficiency and life are obviously superior. Incandescent lamp. In recent years, tungsten halogen lamps that can be directly applied to the grid voltage of 220V or 110V have been produced, and their sizes can be as small as Ø14×54mm. They have excellent filament stability and shock resistance. The bulbs are transparent and frosted. Different specifications, the inner fuse is in accordance with IEC A32-2 standard, the lamp head is G9 type easy to connect, its main technical parameters are shown in Table 1. In recent years, a variety of new types of energy-saving halogen-tungsten lamps have been introduced. For example, JD-type and JDR-type novel tungsten-halogen lamps are made by coating TiO2/SiO2 infrared reflective layer technology (IRC) on quartz bulbs, through visible light transmission. The process of reflecting the infrared rays back to the filament makes the light efficiency of the lamp increase by 30%-45%, and the service life is 3000 hours. Since the tungsten halogen lamp has a particularly good color rendering property and is small in size and easy to decorate, it is still popular and widely used.

Isothiazolinones intermediate including 3,3'-Dithio-bis(N-methylpropionamide) and Dimethyl-3,3-Dithiodipropionate

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N, N'-di-methyl-3 ,3 - dithio dipropyl amide, commonly known as "Thalidomide"
CAS :999-72-4 content: ≧ 98.5%
White crystalline powder, melting point :110-112 ℃.
This product is produced synthetic home and abroad widely used KATHON of class sterilization mildew algicide 5 - chloro-2 - methyl-4 - iso thiazole morpholinone -3 (CMIT); 2-methyl -4 - isothiazolyl the oxazoline ketone -3 (MIT) are important intermediates.

Dimethyl 3,3'-dithiobispropionate (Cas No.15441-06-2)

Apperance:Colorless transparent liquid

Active content:≥97.8%

Melting point:≥1.20%

CMIT/MIT Intermediate

Isothiazolinoes Intermediate, N-methylpropionamide

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