Basic characteristics of insulation materials

The insulating material is generally a material that directs a thermal coefficient of less than or equal to 0.2. The use of good insulation technology and materials in construction and industry can often achieve twice the result with half the effort. Each ton of mineral wool insulation used in the building saves one ton of oil a year. Insulation of industrial equipment and pipelines, using good insulation measures and materials, can significantly reduce production energy consumption and cost, improve the environment, and have better economic benefits.

Light weight, generally 10-96kg/m3, 20kg/m3 is felt, 24-48kg/m3 is medium hard, 48-96kg/m3 is hard board, 48kg/m3 can be used as ceiling, softening point is 500°C Left and right, insulation 300 ° C, the United States a larger amount, k = 0.9.

Calcium silicate insulation products have been successfully developed in the 1970s. They have high compressive strength, small thermal conductivity, convenient construction and repeated use. They are widely used in power systems.

Most of the domestic production is mainly small workshops. After that, four production lines have been introduced from the United States. The technology is advanced, the instant smashing into the fiber, the dry needle felt, the quality is stable, and the temperature can be 800-1250 °C.

Features: Acidity derivative above 2.0, high temperature resistance, general chemical pipeline 1000 °C, must use this material. The solution temperature is around 2000 °C.

Foam is made of synthetic resin. It has numerous plastic products with small holes inside. It has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, processing and so on. It is just used in construction. Mainly used in the packaging industry (such as refrigerators), underground direct buried pipeline insulation, cold storage and cold storage.

The main products are polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam, but there are problems in the application of construction. In recent years, it has been used for wire mesh sandwich panels and color steel composite sandwich panels. Although there are certain restrictions, it has developed rapidly. With the stricter requirements on materials for building fire protection, a new topic has been proposed for the application of this material.

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