Two misunderstandings of powder pesticide use

Powder pesticides are easy to store and are not volatile. In the production of agriculture, many vegetable farmers will choose this type of dosage form, but it is easy to enter two major misunderstandings when using it.
Myth 1: The powder pesticides are all used in water. Powder pesticides are made of one or more pesticides and clay, clay and other fillers, which are mechanically pulverized and mixed. The powder is coarse, not easy to agglomerate, and has good fluidity and dispersibility. However, the powder is not easily wetted by water, nor can it be dispersed and suspended in water, so it cannot be applied by water spray. Generally used for dusting, high-concentration powder can be mixed with seeds, soil treatment or preparation of baits.
Misunderstanding 2: The wettable powder is used to spray powder. The wettable powder is prepared by adding one or more kinds of pesticide raw materials and filler clay, and adding a certain amount of washing powder and the like to the pulverizing and mixing. The fineness of the pulverized powder is better than that of the powder, can be wetted by water, and can be uniformly suspended in water, and the suspension rate is generally above 60%, so that the liquid agent can be sufficiently adhered to the surface of plants and harmful organisms, so that the medicament can be exerted. Contact or stomach toxicity. The wettable powder is mainly used for water spray, because it contains a moisture absorbing moisturizing agent, which can make the powder agglomerate or agglomerate, so it can not be used as a powder, nor can it be used for toxic soil application or seed dressing. Because of its poor dispersion performance, high concentration, it is easy to produce phytotoxicity.
For more pesticide use, please visit the China Pesticide Network .

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