How to choose a suitable video conference camera?

Video Conferencing Camera It is an important way for a modern corporate office, and all kinds of things are inseparable from video conferencing cameras. How can we choose a suitable video conference camera ?

First, the interface

High data transfer without a USB interface is not acceptable. The actual use of the video conference camera will have a large amount of data transmission. This should be paid attention to when purchasing the video conference camera . The high speed of USB data transmission determines the application of video conferencing cameras. USB data high-speed transmission better breaks the bottleneck of large-scale data transmission of image files, making the computer receive data more quickly, so that the broadcast effect of the dynamic image is smoother and smoother, which is very important for the conference. In addition, USB port products have been widely accepted by computer users for their plug-and-play and convenience of use. The video conference camera adopts USB interface, which can be more convenient for hardware detection and installation.

Second, the resolution

Resolution is the ability of the camera to resolve images. It has a direct effect on the effect of the image. Resolution can generally be divided into two kinds of camera resolution and video resolution, that is, the resolution of the static screen capture and the resolution of the dynamic screen capture. In practical applications of videoconferencing, the camera resolution is generally higher than the video resolution. The types of resolution that can be given by the videoconferencing cameras in the market are not the same, so it is important to pay attention to the time of purchase. The resolution of some resolutions refers to the interpolation resolution that these products can achieve with the software, but it is different from the hardware resolution. There is still a certain gap between the rates.

Third, the transmission bandwidth

Currently, HD is the mainstream trend of video conference promotion. However, it should be noted that to achieve the effect of high-definition, it is necessary to cooperate with the overall high-definition equipment. It is not enough to configure high-definition cameras and high-definition reality terminals. Network bandwidth is also one of the important factors. Therefore, users in the purchase of high-definition should fully consider their own bandwidth capabilities. If the bandwidth is insufficient to support high-definition broadcast, packet loss will occur, affecting the conference. Standard definition or high definition should be used according to facts, and must not blindly pursue the trend.

Four pixels

The pixel value is an important indicator that affects the quality of the video conference camera , and it is also an important sign to judge its merits. The pixel value of the products introduced in the early days is generally around 100,000. Due to the low technical content, it is now on the verge of elimination. Users should pay attention when purchasing. However, it is not necessary to consider pixel values ​​blindly. The higher the pixel value is, the stronger the ability of the product to parse images, and the higher the ability of the computer to process data. If the computer configuration is not high enough, it will cause a delay in the picture, thus affecting the transmission of the video conference. Therefore, users should comprehensively consider their own equipment when purchasing products. Do not blindly pursue the trend.

Fifth, the lens

The lens is an important part of the video conference camera . The photosensitive elements of video conferencing cameras on the market today can be classified into CCD and CMOS. The advantage of CMOS is that its manufacturing cost is lower than that of CCD and its power consumption is much lower. However, due to the immature application technology, it has not yet been widely used, but people in the industry believe that it is a future trend. At present, the dimensions of the CCD device are mostly 1/3 inch or 1/4 inch. At the same resolution, it is better to select a larger device size. Because the analog video camera's video stream has a large gap with the CCD's camera, users should not choose the analog video camera when they choose to avoid the loss of goods.

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