Analysis of the causes of excessive air heat pump power

Air heat pump as the name suggests is the use of energy in the air to generate heat, water 24 hours a day, high pressure, temperature to provide the whole family different hot water demand, while consuming the least energy to complete the above requirements water heater. And at home efficient hot water production at the same time, the same as the air conditioning to release air-conditioning to meet the cooling needs of the kitchen, and can be in the balcony, storage room, garage and other local space to achieve the role of dehumidification to prevent moldy items or rapid drying clothes . In the process of using air to heat pump, the power of air to heat pump sometimes changes constantly, often showing the air to heat pump power is too large. Analysis of the reasons, mainly in the following aspects: 1, air heat pump voltage does not meet the operational requirements. 2, the amount of water is not suitable, or the water temperature dropped and the temperature increased workload. 3, there is a problem with the sensing circuit. Approach: 1, if the unit stopped running the reason is still in the control system, check the set protection parameters, such as water temperature control circuit; if the system can not collect the signal, the unit can not start, because the unit is turned on by the heat exchanger And collector temperature and set the temperature of the three parameters to control the temperature, if less than the temperature of the water tank data collection unit will enter the protection state, but will not start. 2, the voltage is too low or too high will not be able to boot normally, this time to first check the compressor is damaged, and then confirmed no damage, recheck the data, and corrected. The use of electromagnetic valve control Sheung Shui, but also check the sensitivity of the water level and the size of the pressure issue, to ensure that the issue is not the key water level data. Air heat pump is in accordance with the "reverse Kano" principle of work, the image to say, is the "outdoor unit" like a compressed air pump, so that the air temperature, and then through a -17 ℃ will be boiling liquid heat conduction To the interior of the tank, and then release the heat conduction to the water.

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