Calla lily potted planting skills

Calla lily potted planting skills:

1) The base fertilizer should be applied to the upper pot, and several side buds should be left beside the large bulb to increase the density and ornamental of the leaves.

2) Properly control the watering, increase the ventilation, and maintain the plant spacing to make the plant shape beautiful.

3) Try to avoid moving the flower pot after the final determination of the plant spacing, and keep the soil under the flower pot moist, so that the roots of the flowers can be inserted into the soil below the drainage hole under the flower pot to make it grow lush. Potted flower transportation points should be wrapped in small plastic bags before the flower is transported, and then the whole plant should be wrapped with newspapers to avoid the staining of flowers and the stems of the leaves during transportation, which will affect the viewing effect. When loading, it can be leveled and transported to increase transportation volume and reduce transportation costs.

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