Introduce the characteristics of two rare natural veneers


Pear, also known as Dalbergia, is a species of Dalbergia. The alias is fragrant sandalwood, fragrant mahogany, flower palm, fragrant branch, rosewood, huanghuali, trade name SCENTE-DROSE WOOD (fragrant rosewood), currently belonging to endangered species.

Rosewood veneer

Hainan is also divided into avocado and avocado. The former has a large proportion of heartwood and is brown. The latter has a small proportion of heartwood, reddish brown to purple brown. It is a national secondary protected plant and one of the five special types of Hainan. It is also a Chinese national standard. It is one of the 34 types of redwoods of 5 genera, 8 species, and is the most common precious redwood species in China. It is not only a very high value of wood and medicinal, but also resistant to drought and ridges. It is a precious native tree species that is worth promoting.

Brazilian rosewood:

Straight lines, mountain lines (half-mountain)

Brazilian rosewood straight

Origin: Africa (Brazil) This wood species is a high-grade wood with a long growth cycle and a relatively small log diameter. The main defects are white edge, insect eye and color difference, and there are many semi-mountain patterns. Some will have slip knots, dead knots and mineral lines. The color is generally more popular with golden black lines. The length is generally more than 2 meters. Length, texture and surface. The width and narrowness of the quality determine the quality and value of the current straight lines.  

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