Fluoroplastic, reinforced polyethylene corrosion-resistant chemical pump material contrast

Fluoroplastic, polyethylene corrosion-resistant chemical pump two contrast material We know that fluorine plastic is an ideal chemical pump material, not only cheap, but it has a strong corrosion resistance. Today we take a look at another common chemical pump material - reinforced polypropylene. Reinforced polypropylene is the result of adding coupling agent after adding inorganic filler (such as glass fiber, asbestos powder, carbon black, etc.) to polypropylene. Polypropylene compared with polypropylene, its mechanical strength, heat resistance, acid and alkali have increased. Therefore, enhanced polypropylene is also a good choice for chemical pump material, but compared with fluorine plastic, fluorine plastic corrosion resistance superior, in wear resistance also has certain advantages. In terms of price, PP is relatively cheaper, but it is similar, so Fluoroplastics can be said to be a win-win for PE.

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